High sec merc/pvp corps?

Hi, I am a returning player (c30m sp) who previously has been involved in casual high sec PvP/merc corps when I was last active a number of years ago. Mainly active after 16:00GMT. Anyone know of any corps which may fit currently recruiting? Thanks!

Try PIRATE, it’s an merc alliance in high sec.

Otherwise i am recruiting as well. But i don’t know if what you seek is what i will/ can provide?
Are you looking for a wardecing corp that do merc work on the side or fulltime?
Explain a little more what you wish to do.

What i can offer is this --> Roleplaying player made lore based upon the eve lore stories & a player government to boot. Recruiting! .
I am recruiting mercenaries that will do contracts for exclusivly within the alliance and forfill them. It’s the citizens that will offer you a job or a company… And if you are lucky, the government. There should be all kinds of diffrent contracts and content for the mercenaries that i am recruiting.
Let me know if you got any questions :slight_smile:

you might consider us

mainly eu tz


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