LF Highsec Merc Corp

Hello! I am a fellow pilot who is looking for an easy going highschool merc corp. I tried P I R A T but as of the fact that I don’t have the required at character, I couldn’t join. Are there any out there that’d be willing to accept a pilot without having to many requirements? I am normally active daily, as well.

Hello Devion,

I might have something interesting for you.

I am in need of mercenaries for one of my corporations in that alliance.
Contact me if you want more info.

With kind regards

// Tryme Trymsson


I’ll message you in-game discussing info, as of I have many upon many questions that I’d like asked. Would that be okay by you?

That’s okay.

Plans changed. Found something I more prefer!

Okay,thx for telling. Good luck.

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