Looking for a friendly corp

I have started over, my previous account had over 17m+ sp.
and now im a noob again.

I don’t have any major requirements, only if you can offer me some fun things to do.

But I would very much like to learn PvP, have only played by myself so have only done mission running and trading.

My Discord Gratisfika#7186

Join brave newbies my dude

Come swing by our discord :slight_smile:

We may be able to offer you a home

@Primeryissecondary is this one for you?

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Hi Ferd,

thanks for the heads up

@Triven_Ditra have a look at our post m8, we might be what you are looking for


Hail Triven,

The Virtus Crusade Highsec Chapter [VICHC] might just be for you when you dislike pirates and gankers as much as we do and are pure and righteous of heart. We are looking for miners, industrialists and combat pilots alike. We will help you, train you and bring you up to speed with EVE, the most complex game you have ever played. This while living safe in highsec with our Highsec Chapter. [VICHC] is your steppingstone for full membership of the Virtus Crusade. When you are ready we will help you move the current home of the Virtus Crusade in 5-MQQ7, where we live with our alliancemembers of -7-, and help you with your first steps and adventures in 0.0 space. You want to chat with us, join our VIC Public channel ingame or join our discord server ([VIC.] Virtus Crusade).

Ad Majorem Virtus Gloriam,

Stop into our discord and have a chat with us. We are a great grohp to hang out and learn with.

Triven Ditra, Welcome back, we have a great group of guys and girls, in game mail sent, we’d be happy to help you get back on your feet. Feel free to reach back so we can get started on bringing you up to speed.

Hey bro, sound like you be a good fit sent you a request in disvord and a in game mail lets talk.

In game mail sent Triven Ditra, drop by our Discord if you have interest/questions.