[CVA] The Squirrel Academy >> A Special Opportunity


(Chip Branson) #1

Gather your nuts and test your headset… The Squirrel Academy is recruiting

We seek rounded, ambitious newbros’, returning players and veterans, looking for community, opportunity and purpose in the unique region of Providence.

The Squirrel Academy (2004) advocates a culture of education, integration and participation, aiming to provide its membership with the best environment in which to develop their skills, unite with the group and fleet-up to defend the region.

  • Purpose - To preserve free passage for neutral pilots in Providence through our NRDS policy
  • Membership Cap: 100 valued, active pilots - You have a name, not a number
  • Nullsec Sovereignty close to highsec
  • Basic training package and guidance for beginners
  • Active Community (Eve Who tm) to support learning at your own pace. We use Slack, Mumble, Teamspeak and forums.
  • Ore and Loot exchange - top prices paid
  • Well stocked local markets
  • Mining Fleets 7 days a week
  • PvP fleets several times a day
  • Ship Replacement Programs

Entry Requirements:

  • Omega clone
  • 5 Million Skill Points
  • Minmatar Cruiser Level 1
  • Gallente Cruiser Level 1
  • 6 months in-game experience
  • A positive ‘Fleet-up’ attitude (Everybody fights)
  • Working Headset
  • 10+ hrs weekly in-game activity

Please see our testimonials, code of conduct, corp mantra and killboard before you apply to join in-game or join here.

The Squirrel Academy (Est. 2004) aims to provide the complete environment for experienced players and ambitious rookies alike; continually adapting to change, setting objectives and recruiting new players at all levels who value community, opportunity and purpose. Whether you are seeking your first player corporation, new friends, great mining, big fleet fights, vindicating ‘hot-drops’, or just a social group with whom to learn the game, we want you to feel at home with us.

We welcome you aboard, provide you with everything you need and prepare you for life in Providence. We also ensure your wallet is always healthy by offering very generous buyback programs.

Frequent corporation meetings help us to offer the very best support to ratters, miners and industrialists at beginner and advanced levels. Our experienced leadership team is new-bro friendly and happy to help.

We recruit players of all age groups and time zones, and our training plan ensures you accomplish your personal goals whilst also being able to support the corp when we need you.

So, if you value community, integration and fleet participation… Apply to join in-game or join here.

(Brynjard) #3

I’ve been apart of this group for a long time now. I really enjoy it. Great group of players. really dedicated and friendly. New player friendly and a broad specter of EVE knowledge in our ranks.

The NRDS null sec is a ideology of treating neutrals as friends and shoot those who are red.
We are all types of players; from core PvPers to miners, ratters, explorers, industrialists and everything between. No limits.

(Brynjard) #4

Just wanted to comment; If you are a relative new player. We are very new player friendly.
If you are considering joining a corp and excluding null sec as your type of space. Don’t

  • If you know the basic of flying you can easily survive null.
  • We will support you in any way we can, even fly with you until you get the hang of it.
  • You don’t need any bling bling super ship or anything. T1 and meta fits will do in the start. T2 and T3 will come as your character grow. You can kill rats in null in just a frigate :smiley:
  • Only thing we expect from you is that you try adapt to null sec game play. It’s not hard, just some adjustment to habits :slight_smile:

(Subelectro Shanzaar) #5

We’re looking for a few more to join us. We’re an active group of mixed interest players. Get in touch w/ me in game if you have any questions, or fill out an app here.

(Brynjard) #6

Are you looking for a good corporation, Look no further.
Virgin PLC is the one.
This is where you meet friendly corpies from all time zones, someone to fleet up with and take your game to the next level.

Found what I was looking for
Returning player looking to come back
(Whiteout Voracis) #7

Great group of folks here

Check us out if you’re interested in social play, being on comms, group/fleet activities, etc.

(Chip Branson) #8

Last night’s highlight had to be the visit of a hostile pilot attempting a raid on our mining fleet… having sustained considerable damage in the belt from our miners drones, he shot off toward one of the gates where he was subsequently ‘popped’ by a carefully positioned smartbombing battleship! Recovery of the hostile ships blackbox revealed his last few words… 'Phew, that was a close call… Oh Shiiiii!!! ’

If you enjoy the social aspects of the game, fleeting up when needed and being part of a team, get in touch.

(Alle Monte) #9

Great bunch of guys having a lot of fun. Still recruiting. Drop by anytime and say hello.

(Brynjard) #10

We live in exciting times…

Been away from the game for two years, looking for a home
Nearly 40mil SP – Looking for 0.0 Corp \ Alliance - New Challenge (S-Cap&Logi&Fleet)
64 mil sp pilot looking for a purpose!
(Swante Toki) #11

All that above and more o/
Now is the time :smiley:

(Mariko San) #13

After taking a multi-year break from Eve, I researched posts and corps here and set up some interviews. I liked the feel and organization of the people/corp.

I joined a little over 2 months ago and have found a great permanent home. Aside from just enjoying the people i play/chat with, i’m able to explore and get support for getting better at pvp and advice as i start using capitals.

The alliance and fleet ops are fun and lots of industry/mining stuff that i’m starting to explore. My alt accounts are happy here too :slight_smile:

(Lokijake Togenada) #15

Having fun here and learning a lot from corp and alliance players.

(Whiteout Voracis) #16

Come join the nice guys of null-sec…killing reds w/ kindness

Provi-bloc, the home of NRDS


(Draigore) #17

Im interested, returning player

(Whiteout Voracis) #18

Draigore, that’s great…stop by our site and fill out a recruiting questionnaire. Then we’ll get in touch in-game…

(Galara Hakari) #21

I think I found my “forever home in EVE” here. Originally joined over 2 years ago (Virgin was a feeder corp for C6 back then) and returned recently. Helpful and fun folks, active all around the clock with both EU and US tz players. Always doing something - roams, camps, large fleets, mining, industry, you name it.

Join up, it will be fun!!! YAYA!

(Whiteout Voracis) #23

A lot of very social people in this corp. Get in touch with us in-game or at our site.


Recruiters: Subelectro Shanzaar Robert DeNiro Richard Branson

(Subelectro Shanzaar) #25

Null-sec shenanigans for those who are ready…dying is an integral part of Eve :smiley:

(Subelectro Shanzaar) #27

A great place for active, social players…newly returned to eve, bitter vets and noob(ish) players accepted.

Looking for friendly, social players. Voice comms, group activities and fleeting up are all encouraged.

(Giddy McFee) #29

Are you guys still in g-a?