Cyntech Incorporated ~accepting/recruiting pilots both Alpha and Omega for nullsec!

Cyntech Incorporated wants YOU, Alphas and Omegas!

Looking to get out into the great beyond of? Do you enjoy the thrill of the hunt or the call of the rare ores? Either way we have a place for you! Contact a recruiter today by joining channel “~Cyn~Recruit” in game to get started on your new adventures in null!

What does Cyntech Incorporated offer you ask?!

  • PVP fleets on the regular.
  • Free t1 mining barges/lasers to get started.
  • Skill books and veteran player knowledge is also available to new players.
  • Free t1 exploration frigates… for all you Doras12.
  • We offer relocation assistance to help get you settled in.
  • Access to Jump Freighter service to move product. back and forth to Jita

Optimized ore fleets of all levels. With plenty of minerals and ices to devour.
Ore buyback program.
Salvage buyback program
Planetary infrastructure chain/help

More experienced players will enjoy plenty of ratting opportunities in the area!
Discord available for corp life, and TS for alliance fleet going ons.

We are apart of the DRONE WALKERS alliance in the Legacy coalition. Our coalition is very active throughout the EU/US TZ. Slightly less active for AU but still active.
We do ask that you please provide a API key for the application process.

Reach us here on the forums, in game recruitment channel, or (best bet) in game mail. Hope to talk with you soon, and fly safe!

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128m and 114m PVP and Indy pilot looking for a corp
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70m+ SP Returning Industrial Player Looking For WH Home
Looking for Russian/English speaking PvE/PvP corporation

We are actively looking for members! Check us out!

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