Dark Force recruiting for nullsec/pvp/pve/indy shenanigans

We are a PVP corp run by returning EVE veterans. We are newbro friendly, and willing to coach industrials wanting to get into pewpew. In Dark Force you won’t be another F1 monkey like larger corps you and your contribution matters to the corp and alliance.

What we offer

  • Active fleets during US and EU TZ, from small roaming gangs to BLOPS dropping to larger timer fights.
  • No drama, no bittervet elitist syndrome, laid back tight knit corp atmosphere
  • Free ships for newbros
  • Nullsec space to rat in
  • JF Logistics and alliance contracts for doctrine ships

What we require

  • Ability to learn and take direction if new.
  • A positive team oriented attitude.
  • Willingness to fly doctrine ships during major ops.
  • Corp discord / alliance discord / alliance teamspeak
  • Activity. Casuals and hardcore players both welcome.

Reply here or contact Nitees or Fogg in game if interested

You’ll be more than just an F1 monkey here we value our pilots

still recruiting keep up the in game contacts

Growing still taking pilots

Got a good group so far of people recruited so far still taking more

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