Dark Horse Cartel. is Recruiting. Come Join us in Placid & Syndicate

Dark Horse Cartel. (, is intentional) Now part of SONS of BANE alliance in syndicate.

PvP Focused corporation.

Coalition and corporation fleets daily.

Community & Content Focused

We live in low sec. Placid. Which allows us to move freely between Fw space and null sec for PvP content, Exploration, WH day trips, Blops, & Level 5 Missions and much more.

Extensive Srp Schedule

PvP Fleets. PvE Fleets, & Training Fleets

Fleets of all sizes. Frigs to titans. Full spectrum for you to learn in and experience everything eve has to offer. Miners who are tired of shitty IPH are encouraged to join.

We also encourage NPSF aka Specter Fleet or Bombers Bar etc.

Fleet doctrines and Training plans to help you specialize and fill any role in our fleets that you desire.

We will teach you how to make billions passively so that you can plex your account and fly any ships you want.

Discord and TeamSpeak for fleets. These tools allow us to be in touch with our coalition and get fleet pings. Use of both applications is Mandatory .

Room to grow into leadership.

Extensive Buyback Programs.

Public chat
DHC PlayGrounds



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