LF EUTZ PvP and chilled null/lowsec pilots

A little info;

No blob stuff, no sov, no cta’s, no drama

We live in syndicate.

Ideally suited to the more casual solo and microgang players who would be happy to base near high/lowsec rather than deep deep null.

Not really suited for farmers.

We take on newer or returning players looking for a place to lay their hat and ‘learn the game’ but are also really wanting some interceptor and logi pilots (isnt everyone…)

Whilst at this time we operate mostly in syndicate we have no qualms against occasional forays into lowsec for pvp albeit on generally small scale operations, we are a growing corporation but arent gearing towards or wanting to attempt to become a huge corp fielding 250 people fleets; its content but not really the kind we want (past experiences for myself have left a bitter feeling about these types of fleets - a lot of waiting and a lot of blueballs)

Hit me up with a message ingame if interested :slight_smile:

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