Dark Horse Cartel : LATE EU - EST TMZ Null / Skirmish PVP

Join up guys. Really building a lasting community here

Join today bros!!

Good things in store for corp!! Join today

Looking for new blood. Join our community!!!

Join up lads. Content over here

join up. looking for newbros and exp players to join our community

Come join our community. Balanced and practical!!!

join up bros

join up lads. making moves

join up today. lots of content to get into.

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re enjoying EvE as much as we do here at Dark Horse Cartel. We have plenty of active content but are focused on PvP. There’s also other aspect’s of the game that we are gearing to engage in.

Come join us, we are a good group of active players and would love to welcome you to our family. We’re growing and we want more member’s who want to grow with us.

Fly Dangerous

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Join up lads, We have ppl who really enjoy it here. find out why!!

Join today!! We will engage enemies out numbered and train inexperienced pilots.

The recruitment is open for combat pilots.

Join up bros. Enjoying the game with vets and newbros working together.

Join up today. people are having fun along with accomplishing the corp goals.

Join up today. people to play with…things to blow up…

bump for interest in our community.

Join today. even with DDOS going on, we are still on comms and prepping for a kill!!

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