Dark Horse Cartel : LATE EU - EST TMZ Null / Skirmish PVP

Dark Horse Cartel.
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╠► Skirmish - NPSI - SOLO
╠► Roams Daily
╠► Consistent Scheduled Ops
╠► 20:00 to 04:00 weekdays eve time
╠► Throughout the day on weekends
╠ Exp pilots / Rookies Welcomed
╠ Vale of the Silent/ Perrigen Falls


  • Active multiple days of the week
  • Participate in corp and alliance roams
  • Train for corp Doctrines
  • Be an active part of our community
  • Desire to PvP
  • TeamSpeak and discord activity

How’s it going peeps, I’m running a tight knit community around Vale of the Silent/Perrigen Falls and have a presence in FW. As of now, we are in small gang phase and each of us might solo from time to time. We don’t have extensive srp but have limited forms instead. We will go anywhere that’s reasonable within new eden to get content so force projection is not an issue for us. We do npsi , solo, skirmish roams, wormhole connections, camps, etc just to show that we switch it up and are not stagnant.

We have goals that are long term but wish to grow as a community before we enact them. Help us make that happen!!!

We are looking for rookies and experienced pilots who would want to be apart a community that wishes to grow and teach people to be the best at what they do. We are looking for people who also strive to become leaders and fc’s. If you can’t handle flying on solo roams from time to time or potentially creating content for your own corp mates when you get enough experience, this isn’t the place for you.

My experiences includes: fleet command , skirmish engagements, cov ops, and capital/ alliance warfare. If you would like to be apart of a cool group pm me or send a application along with a private mail explaining a bit about yourself.


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