**Digital Vendetta Wants You and Corp!**

Digital Vendetta Alliance

Is actively looking for new members to join us in lovely Perrigen Falls. We are open to corporations and individual members wishing to PVP in Sov Null.
Our Alliance is active and growing with virtually all forms of EVE gameplay available to our members.

Our primary mission is to create purposeful content. We do this by maintaining Sovereignty in multiple systems, participating in Regional defensive and offensive pvp operations and small to large scale pvp roams into other Regions. In addition to our pvp activities our Sovereign Systems provide boundless opportunities for highly profitable mining, industrial operations, site running, planetary interactions and exploration.

We maintain an active relationship with EVE University by sponsoring events and participating in their mentorship program. Many members of our Alliance are graduates and former members of EVE University and we bring that culture of camaraderie, common purpose, helpfulness and fun to all our activities. Ex EVE-Uni members in good standing can be fast tracked.

Contact: Adrian Airwaymaster, Forseti Vali, or Ceasar Kafshaz, in game for more info.

I you are a PVP Corp in need of an alliance, or a PVPer without a home, contact us!

I’m interested in learning more about PvP and sov null, hoping digital vendetta is the place to do it. I just applied. I’m listening to Andrew Groen’s audio book and the history of sov null sounds pretty epic!

Hi DarthStar,

If you are interested, please contact me in game or at: airwaymaster@gmail.com.

Hope to hear from you soon,


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