[KIOSK] Kiosk Cartel - Sov. Null Corporation is now recruiting AU and US TZ Pilots

Kiosk Cartel is Fraternity’s premiere english speaking corporation, we are a mainly Australian Time Zone corporation with a small US Time Zone contingency. We have been in and out of alliances, coalitions and renting just to find a home that we can work together to make great. The corporations leadership has been in or experienced nearly every aspect of this game and is looking to help both younger and older pilots alike to have fun and learn something new.

We are looking for pilots to join us and experience a challenge, both via the language barrier and different customs in playing EvE that comes along with the movement of Chinese players from Serenity to Tranquility.

Kiosk Cartel is currently based in Null Security space (0.0) and has access to a large area of space for use.

What we offer:

  • Laid back, relaxed and friendly atmosphere
  • Real Life first attitude (It is what matters most)
  • Teamspeak and Discord server for communication and shitposting
  • PvE - Mining (regular and moon), Ratting (10/10’s, Anomalies, etc), Industry and more!
  • PvP - Small gang corporate roams, Large Scale sovereignty and structure warfare and everything in-between
  • A diverse range of challenges, that may make the game daunting for some or they may not be a challenge to others (language, customs in systems, etc)
  • SRP on the Alliance Level
  • The ability to offer advice and general help to those who need it

What we are looking for:

  • A minimum of 15,000,000 SP (Some exceptions may be made)
  • Willingness to contribute, both in game and in comms
  • Good attitudes towards both the players you are with and leadership (don’t be a dick)
  • PvP Pilots - We are looking to expand our small gangs and want to contribute further to efforts in coalition
  • PvE Pilots - Miners, Ratters and Industrialists alike to build a strong industrial back bone

If you would like to contact us, please contact:
Sel-Kuni Aiseti

Or, alternatively, join this channel:
Kiosk Public

Or! Join our discord as we can answer at any time there!

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Kiosk is still recruiting, good fights, space to live in and friendly environment all waiting for willing pilots!

We are still recruiting active bodies, industry, pvp, pve, everything!

We are still looking for active bodies, with recent fights and content happening all around, things are going well!

What are you waiting for?
We are still hiring to build a stronger community!

Bumping as we are slowly growing!
It’s tough out here, but we make it work!

We are still looking for able bodies to help expand the English speaking groups in FRT!

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