Looking for a Alliance

Hello! Capsuleers!
We’re looking for a new alliance we’ll stay in. We have capital pilots (including Super but not have hull) and only have 5 people, but we enjoy PVP almost every day.

Our Corp members are playing EVE ONLINE in AUTZ but doesn’t matter what time zone it is.
If alliance saying “HELP!” , We will participate in fight as much as possible!

The alliance that has joined now will withdraw as soon as it is decided to join the new alliance.
Please send me In-game mails or reply here!

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Hello, I am sure this might be a long shot. But my Alliance is opening its recruiting for corps soon. We are looking for pvp oriented corps, industrial corps and low sec corps. We reside in high sec mostly. Like to find a pvp corp willing to train and engage other members in pvp. Srp doctrine fleets would be available upon Alliance leadership approval.
I understand Null is probably what you guys are looking for. But thought I would give it a shot.

We are The Burning Contingent Alliance. You can send me an Email in game.

Current CEO of Alliance
Title Alliance COO.

Hello Nicholas Aliper.

is there a discord i can reach you? our alliance DOWN UNDER SYNDROME are looking for people to fly with, we are mainly late USTZ (early AUTZ) (01:00-05:00 eve time) is our peak but we have members across all TZ

give us a shout if interested. o7

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Hey @Nicholas_Aliper we’re a small pvp / indy alliance based out of low-sec. Mostly doing small-gang, building BLOPS capacity and wanting to get into cap / super deployments (potentially for hire) as a longer term goal. We’re AUZ / Early EU Timezone.

We buddy, if your into pvp I would love to speak to ya, we are a null sec alliance with a home in null sec that truly follows the content.

My discord is joeyscirocco#9522

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