🍆 [SEKER] [UBEAT] Offensive Action [AU/EU/US] – Need more Nano

What we’re about

Based out of Amamake, we’re a player-vs-player focused corporation aligned around solo and micro/small gang warfare. We’ll also take part in medium sized fleets as part of Alliance Ops, NPSI fleets and supporting friendlies. Based in the Amarr / Minmatar war-zone, there’s good opportunities to undock and get fights locally while also plenty of shenanigans to be had in the wider depths of New Eden. Specifically we enjoy roaming into null-sec via Thera and doing ESS either solo or in micro-gangs. We’ve got some good friends for NPSI gangs for content in Thera and beyond.

What we offer

We offer you a positive environment to grow, improve and try new things. Living in the Faction Warfare war-zone is the perfect place to work on your solo and improve your l33t nano skills. Our industry sister Corp can produce much of the war materials we need, from hulls to fittings.

  • Small Gang
  • Black Ops
  • Low-Sec Life
  • Null-Sec / ESS Roams
  • Alliance Industrial Complex
  • Jump Freighter Logistics
  • Alliance EVE SeAT
  • Discord Community

ISK Making opportunities are available either by getting involved in Alliance Industry or Market activity. Alongside this some members are regularly involved in Incursion fleets. There’s also semi-decent PVE locally in low-sec. If you just hate grinding and want to blow up sh*t then feel free to ‘undock’ your credit card to the dance floor.

Member Suitability

We pride ourselves on being a decent bunch of inclusive human beings that care about our community and our shared in-game experience. Patience and logical thinking paired with good humour, and a willingness to try, fail and learn are deemed important qualities. We like to jump on comms socially and are generally pretty close-nit. We appreciate real-life comes first and while we might ‘ping’ we don’t harass members to join up into fleets. We’d hope you’ll be an active part of the community on your own accord. What we love most is having a group of friends to blow up internet spaceships with.

Recruitment Requirements

  • ESI Check
  • Alliance SeAT
  • Headset and Microphone
  • 10 Million SkillPoints [Minimum]
  • Omega Account
  • Discord Interview

Suitable Candidates

We’re looking for mature-minded Capsuleers who are excited by in-game collaboration and development over the long-term. You’re a team player who is comfortable being self-sufficient and getting on with playing. You bring a positive mentality to tackling problems or in-game challenges.

You strongly grasp, or are willing to learn, the game mechanics, seeking to add insight and knowledge back into the community. Keen to discuss and experiment all while finding opportunities for content creation.

You take loss in your stride and see it as an opportunity to learn and improve. Engaging in player-vs-player content is more interesting to you than curating your killboard.

Ready to jump into social interaction over Discord or in-game. Voice comms are generally encouraged, but certainly ‘required’ for gangs or other critical manoeuvres or operations.

We’re all adults here and we like to have a laugh. That being said, we expect you to be a decent human being. Racism, sexism or negative attitudes towards how individuals identify are not tolerated. You’re a graceful loser and not an egomaniacal winner with a toxifying persona which negatively impacts the teams cohesion. Virtual ‘dick swinging’ isn’t discouraged, but prima donnas who can’t see the value in ‘team building’ need not apply.

You get excited about the Nano. Drum and Bass fuels your nano-induced emo-rage love for the eggplant.

Join our Discord Community

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Roles and specific pilot focuses we’d like to expand on currently:

  • Jr. / Sr. Fleet Commanders (Small Gang Focused)
  • Recruitment Officers
  • Cruiser / Frigate Logi specialists

AU and early EU players come join us in shooting thing! :slight_smile:

can recommend

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Come and join the party yo! AUZ and Early EU PVP Pilots for solo, micro / small-gang nano stuff. Multi-boxers get free cookies.

Top Belt, go!

Recruiting small-gang / solo pvp players :slight_smile:

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