Dark Side Industries - High Sec PvE with Lowsec PvP

Dark Side Industries is a new multifaceted corp looking for pilots looking to experience PvP and PvE aspects of EVE. We’re primarily USTZ, but looking to expand in EUTZ as well.

Who We Are:
We enjoy EVE in general - the calm and the chaos. We are set up primarily for mining and mission running in highsec, but love PvP as well. We are willing to fight for what we want and to defend what we have. We have been mercs and wormholers. Pirates and industrialists. freight haulers and freight hauler gankers. Experienced super pilots and alpha clone newbies.

We know EVE is a game, and we prioritize fun over efficiency. That means that we are happy to suggest PvP ship compositions and fittings, but yes, you can bring your drake on our armor roam - we will have a good laugh about it, but nobody’s getting kicked for being online and having a good time. Looking to log in and play a couple of hours a month? All good - we don’t have crazy activity requirements outside of leadership.

What We Have:
-Experienced leadership
-1 Jump to Lowsec for PvP roams, camps, etc
-0.5 system with structures for PI, moon mining, and other interests
-Several Orca pilots with maxed mining boosts
-Complete lack of care in what our KB looks like
-Level 4 mission access and major markets nearby

What We Need:
-Pilots who want to log in and have access to a variety of highsec and lowsec content options (with a bit of wormhole diving on the side)
-New pilots who want to learn the many different ways to play EVE, make some isk, and grow with a fun group
-Vets who want to teach, lead, and/or join group ops across all content areas
-People who like to have fun more than they care about their killboard stats

Join us in game at Syndicate Public. (period included in chat channel name)


Bump, hop in our pub and have a chat!

bump, still recruiting, got some great guys recently.

Still Recruiting. Come join our fast-growing corp!

What region are you guys in if I may ask?




Still Growing. Still recruiting. Still bumping!

bump! ill be on for a while!

come join the pack! we will be recruiting all weekend.

still looking!

Still Bumping - Still looking for more pilots!

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