Darksiders Inc.[W4RP] Null Sec Indy/PVE/PVP - No skill point minimum!

Hey guys! Darkside Inc. is looking for new members both experienced and new! If you wanna be a part of a small, well-knit corp without losing the ability to do large scale fleet ops, look no more!
About us:

We are a small, industrial-based corp that is a part of W4RPED Intentions.
We are primarily based in null-sec, but we do have high-sec opportunities.
We typically have at minimum 1 member active on all hours of the day, we are most active on US hours.

We welcome both new and experienced players.

We are extremely relaxed in terms of how you play. We are adults, we understand how real life can affect your time or ability to be logged in.

What we Offer:

Null-sec Mining, PVP, PVE, and industry.

Ability to be a part of large scale battles against the Goons!

Every fleet you can think of, from mining to capital battles.

Fleet time via both Industry and combat.

Beginner training and mentor-ship. Whatever you want to do in eve, we have a member who can guide you to being one of the best! If you are a beginner to eve and want to make the jump to null-sec painless and fun, we can make that happen for you!

Into to Indy and intro to building training.

Jump Freighter logistics services.


We own sovereignty, you can personally help us grow!

Corp owned Citadels.

Recruitment Incentive program. If you recruit a member, you get 20 mil.

Ore/Salvage buy-back programs.

We have a 0 skill point minimum. If you are fresh off the character creation screen, we will help guide you into your way of enjoying the game!

What we require:

6 hours of fleet time. How you complete that time is up to you!

Being active on comms/discord.
That’s it!

How do i join?

Hop on to our discord: The darksiders
Jump on to our recruiting channel in game [darkside recruiting]

Send a private message to one of our recruiters in game: Brian GRIFFINs / Kimi Drake/ Mental Jimmy / Mali Crnja

I hope to see everyone soon! Fly Safe! O7

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