DarkMart Deepspace Trading is hiring

“…if you’re are good at something, never do it for free.

Profit. Profit plain and simple, thats all we are doing. Anything to make isk, be it PVE or Indy.


What we do:
•BPO research and invention

All of these make you money. You want to mine, we will pay you for ore, you want to boost, we will pay you for your time. You want to research BPO’s we will pay you for that slot. Any work you do, will be paid for by the company. At no point will you find a stagnant spot in the corp where you wont get paid.

•Mission Running

Want help getting through that higher level mission, we got you. Got to much loot from relic sites and want to get rid of it, we will buy it. Have salvage weighing you hanger down we will take it.

We want to make isk, but mainly we want to have fun doing it. Contact us in game at DarkMart Recruitment or reply here and i will contact you in game. Join today, and fly with us tomorrow.


I’m interested. If you could mail me and let me know where you are located and fill me in on some more particulars that would be great.


New omega miner with 1.7m SP looking for corp




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We are still looking for recruits!


We are still recruiting traders and haulers!

Still looking?


We are currently looking to hire highsec Haulers.

I am looking to get into mining for now but in the coming year or so i will be trying to get into hauling. I can currently sit in a freighter and will be able to fly one in the coming months. In no less than six months time I should be able to fly jump freighter. I need to make money to be able to buy such things as the Ark and the Rorqual. Which in turn will boost my ability to produce more isk flow. I just need a jump start. Was wondering if you could message me in game and talk to me a bit more about the corp before I formaly request to join.

Hey I’m interested in this. Returning miner, 3.1M SP, Omega miner.

I also do hauling.

I’m interested. Just coming back to try it again after having tried to a few times in the past to no great success. Feel free to hit me up in game.

Hi, Omega clone with 1mil+ so looking to get involved with the industry. Please message in game, an very interested!

Cool, looking for a new corp for a while now.
Busy with hauling, buying/selling around the mayor trade hubs.

Playing Eve for about 10 years now (off and on). 36mil SP.
Have done mining, PVE, PVP, null-sec.

Currently skilling towards blockaderunners, after that freighters.
Kind of liking the whole spacetrucking idea.

Skills and stuff:

I haven’t played in a while and am getting back into the game. I used to primarily be a miner but I have other important skills too. Would you have a spot for me?