Darkmart Deepspace Trading is looking for indy players

DarkMart Deepspace Trading is looking for traders, haulers and industrialists, be it mining or manufacturing. We are a new corporation with members with decades of experience. We are a laid back corp with the first rule being “Real life comes first”. We are all fulltime working adults looking for people to enjoy this game with. Here is what we are looking for in each area and what we can offer.

With dedicated mining, manufacturing and hauling teams, there is never a shortage of items that can turn a profit. Purchase, setup a courier contract and forget it. Why worry about getting your items to market when we have a team to do that for you.

You will be part of a dedicated team that will run contracts of our other members and members outside the corp for profit. Your ship will be insured via the corporation to help quell worries. With access to null-sec locations, some flights will be interesting. With standard fee’s and pricing, you will always turn a profit on your hauls.

Be it ore,gas or PI whatever you can mine or source, we will purchase at a set fee. We will never not purchase what you are mining. Mine anywhere in new Eden that is easily accessible for our hauling fleet and we will pay you and pick it up. As long as it meets our minimum requirements. If you choose to mine in the system we inhabit you will get fleet boosts to increase your yields and weekly scheduled mining ops.

A dedicated manufacturing facility is key to making a profit when you are the one turning minerals into products. We have a dedicated facility for all blueprinting needs, from copying to invention. Use our hauling team to move your items to market, or sell it to a trader for him to deal with.

Apply in game today or feel free to send me a message. Have a great day and fly safe.

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