[LS][Indy] - Scarlet Trading is seeking Indy/Mining/Hacking Pilots!

Scarlet Trading is seeking new and experienced Indy, Mining, Invention, and Hacking pilots to help grow our low-sec corporation located in Kinakka, which is located only 8 jumps from EVE’s largest marketing hub, Jita.

Our Mission

We want to be a major powerhouse in ship and rig production for Black Rise in order to keep the local markets full of quality items that in return, help keep the PvP in this area healthy and growing for the years to come.

Why Join?

I think the biggest attraction for me with starting this corporation and doing what I do is for the fact that I am making goods for PvP pilots in a FW region. We are not really tied to any one side. We provide for all in efforts to keep pilots flying in this space, which feels pretty cool because there is no alliance pushing you around and there is really no competition in the area doing what we do.

The other reason to join, especially if you are a new pilot, is to learn. We will certainly train you in the arts of Industry as well PvP if you are looking to eventually go into that area. As the CEO, I have been in the game since 2004. My main character is a pirate. I have extensive PvP and Indy experience on top of Market Trading experience.

The last reason to join is because well, Low-sec really needs help. It needs more corporations that are not FW, Pirate or general PvP focused. It needs more of us here on top of the challenges we face. Joining will certainly be something different than what you may face in High-sec and Null-sec space.


  • English speaking
  • Have voice communications
  • Willing to be part of a team
  • Alpha/Omega welcomed

Services Offered

  • Tech II BPC’s and Minerals provided to ship builders
  • Purchasing of all Hacking, Mining, and Gas minerals/components at Jita markdown
  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Profit Sharing (50/50 split of market sales)
  • Hauling Services (ships, minerals, component hauling from Jita->Kinakka)
  • Structure Access with Low Taxes (for building, invention, research, and copying)
  • Pilot Training (Indy/PvP)

Content You Could Expect

  • Tech II Invention
  • Tech II Production
  • Hacking (Low-sec/Wormhole/Null-sec)
  • Null-sec Gas Mining Operations (Exile Booster Production)
  • DED Space Rating (Guristas are insanely profitable here)
  • Lots of PvP (Kinakka is a pirate/FW den)

If this interest you, please contact Vile Belief in-game.

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