Scarlet Trading is Recruiting Traders, Hackers, and Pirates

We are recruiting all types of new and old criminals who are into market trading, hacking, drug manufacturing (gas mining included) and even piracy.

Scarlet is based in Jita and Black Rise (low security space). It’s a new corporation and our goal is to feed off the criminal activity in Black Rise such as drug manufacturing and high-space piracy. We typically hang out in low-sec space with other pirate outfits we have good standings with and probe out locations to huff gas, hack sites, and deal in back alley trading with those who have murdered the poor unlucky souls who dared to enter this region.

For Traders

We can offer mostly experience and access to fenced loot such as modules dropped from the backs of the weak. If you’re new to trading and need help, joining our corp can help make you a better trader in high-sec space.

Check out one of my own business dealings with this online report:!/vizhome/ScarletTradingBusinessDeal1/Dashboard

For Miners

We mine in low-sec and wormhole space with frigate sized vessels such as the Prospect. Mostly targeting high-end gas to either sell on market or produce drugs. Joining us gives you a way of mining that is a bit more risky and fun from your typical boring high-sec ops. We also buy your gas at a mark down so you don’t have to worry about hauling it.

For Hackers

We recruit hackers who mostly want to solo. We can offer a bank that always buys your hacked materials at a markdown from a location that’s closest to null than Jita. For new players, we can show you the ways of hacking and help get you on your way to becoming ISK positive solo so you can enjoy the game you want.

For Pirates

Like Hackers, we can be your bank too. Sell us your loot, let us help you turn those kills into profit so you don’t have to worry about it. Our main pirate contact has been in piracy since 2004 and he can help share that expertise if you are new and looking to get into piracy.

If you are interested, please apply in-game. Open to all players regardless of skill level.

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