New Corp looking for experts + New CEO

The Order of Scarlet is a new corp looking to grow with the help of experts.

We are looking to establish some distinct divisions which would be ensured complete autonomy to guide in whatever direction you would want to take them.

What we’re looking for:

  • CEO, to replace current inexperienced one
    -low/null expert

If you are an expert of any other aspects do also get in touch!

PM/mail me in game or drop a note here if you’d be interested!
Fly safe o7

It’s been proven corps that try to specialize in every aspect, will not flourish. Focus on one or two things and you can prosper

Thank you for the advice!

Hey Clout,

Why not join an established corp and get some experience before you try to build something yourself. PM me if you want some help.



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Hey Cardinalle,

Ive been in a few corps so have a general idea of how things operate so I think I should be okay, thanks for the offer though!

Regarding industry at corporation level, you are taking a lot of responsibility. Because a lot of assets are controlled by you. And then it comes trust, theft, and so on. Especially now when producing stuff you lose isk, because ppl still selling out their stocks which are below price needed to buy materials to build it.
Yeah and the role what your corp wants to do is a big thing. If you want to jack of all trades you can. But you also will be good at nothing. Because each play style requires specific ppl, specific space and so on.


I couldn’t believe the title of the thread when I saw it, so I decided to check whether it was a joke or what… but no, it seems to be genuine…

Do you have an idea what you’re asking for? You’re publicly asking for someone you don’t know (and hence cannot trust) to take ownership of your corp and all its assets…

I don’t think you know what game you’re playing… There are players out there that do actively infiltrate corps in order to do what you’re publicly offering them to do with yours…

Hit me up! We can have an interesting chat!

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The corp as a whole has very few assets being very new, as such I am simply looking for someone to take over who has some experience in order to guide this corp to a much better position

Yes, of course, but that may change in the future and the CEO you hired may one day run away with the assets you have then… Or he/she could make your corp war eligible by merely deploying a POCO somewhere… Or he/she could enable friendly fire so he may shoot your corp members…

You’re publicly asking for someone you don’t know to give total control of your corp over. That sounds like a really bad idea to me, but hey, by all means do it if you don’t see a problem with that…


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