Total Newbie looking for the right Corp

Hi there, thank you for entering to this post.

For you to know how much of a newbi I am, until today 01/14/20 or 14/1/20 or 20/14/01 (select preferable view date) I have 560k skill points. As an additional information I only count with 10m on my wallet (yes, I am broke).

A little about myself: I work and also study (rough, yes, but possible) and also like to do some cycling, so in my free time playing is not the only thing I actually do. About my time zone, I am from South America, Uruguay to be more specific.

Ok, so by what you can read, I will not be an ideal member from an activity point of view - at least I am not that boring and usually like to join to channels and talk (even though my english is not the best he).

So, right now I am looking any profitable way to make some ISK and advance in the game but have a clear view that my long stay in the game I want it to be dedicated to PVP. I will explain a more concise what I mean by PVP, I would really really really like to be a player bounty hunter. What I saw just taking a look to the Bounty Office is that only Most Wanted appears there. I mean, I would really like to just go hunting newbies as I am with a bounty in their head, not big fishes. Is that even possible?

Thank you for reading this presentation, have a nice ship lifetime ( I have sadly lost like 5 ships in 2 days lol ).

PS: Do not really know if matters but I am from Gallante faction


I am the CEO of The Crimson Order. We would be happy to help you make isk, teach you PvP and enjoy that game. Message me in game if you wanna know more. The Crimson Order is Recruiting!!

Thank you Ewel, I will take a look!

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