Low-Sec Miners, Explorers, and Security Specialists Needed!


We are a low-sec mining and industrial corporation that aims to thrive in low security space for new and interesting challenges. We are on the search for new and experienced pilots that fit into one of these roles:

  • Miner
  • Explorer
  • Industrialist
  • Security

What we can offer is a fun environment in an active part of space where you can mine, explore, and engage in good combat fights both from a PvE perspective and PvP perspective. We have an ore buyback program and ship sponsorship program for newbros.

The Basics

  • US Timezone (East Coast Mainly)
  • English Speaking
  • Discord for Comms
  • Very Mature
  • Bitter Vets (CEO is a 2004 pilot)
  • New Pilot Friendly
  • Ore/Mat Buyback Programs
  • Mid-to-High End Ore/Gas Available
  • Private Refinery
  • Daily Fleet Ops for Mining



Primarily we are looking for new and experienced miners who want to moon mine, huff gas, and mine anons that are all extremely lucrative. We can offer very high ISK yielding ore and gas for all.



Being we operate in low-sec space and not in a blue donut like most null-sec alliances, we have a HUGE need for security specialist that are combat focused in PvP. We regularly face opposing ships here and there (no, not huge blobs, fun encounters) and can provide an interesting role for those looking to work in a new dynamic of protection.



Like just being solo and want people to talk to as well sell to? We are a good option to sell all materials harvested from data and relic spawns. We do a lot of hacking and exploring on our own and always need more explorers to help us gather as much materials as possible.

How To Join

Just pop in ‘Scarlet Trading’ in-game channel and speak to a recruiter today!

Further Reading

I have a blog that I update on the corp and low-sec efforts if you are interested in what we do.


We need the protection for our mining fleets! Come help us!



Join us!

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