Hi there, newbie looking for a lowsec environment for mining and training skills

hi there, newbie looking for a lowsec place for mining and industry, have own boat. Must have systems for theses, please let me know!!

Hey buddy, you can try Enceladus Syndicate. We have a couple of moons in low sec, there are a few veterans in our ranks that can help you with anything about Eve. Feel free to apply!

Hey there MOONWIBE,

I am with ISK.Industries and we are a HighSec corp situated near LowSec. If you are interested in mining moons we have plenty of them, and we also have an SRP progam if you happen to run into trouble.

We have many experienced players more than willing to help you out when you need it, and we can build anything you need. We also have a NewBros initiative for new players ask us about it if this sounds like something you might be interested in.

You can message me in game or hop into our DS and ask any questions you may have! Fly Safe o7

Hey Moonwibe,

I think we could be a great fit for you. We are a WH corp living out of a C4. We have plenty of mining and industry opportunities to get your feet wet while training.

Check us out in game Minds of Murderers - Public Channel - Murders Pub

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