High/Low sec mining and indy corp, with an alliance, looking to recruit!

xXUmbrella IndustriesXx

We are a High/Low Sec Corporation with access to a large selection of High and Low security space. We are currently looking to expand our ranks with Miners and Industrialists who are also interested in some combat related activities. Our corporation spans the US timezone with players on the East to West coasts!

What we offer:

  • Regular Moon Mining Operations
  • Active Security for Low Sec Mining Operations
  • Mining Foreman Boosts for all Operations
  • Organized PvP Operations
  • Support from a large network of friendly alliances
  • Ore buyback program
  • SRP program

What we expect:

  • Have Discord and TS3 with a mic
  • Positive Attitude
  • Willingness to work together
  • Regular activity (Real Life will always come first)

If interested:

  • Message Barri Summers or Lile Fel/General Melvar in game
  • Join our public chat channel: Umbrella Hub
  • Public Discord Channel

Bumping, we’ve had two new pilots join this weekend. We still want to grow and expand!!

Friendly Bump, Keep the interest coming. The Corporation has added a Ore/Ice Buyback and a Ship Replacement Program

Friendly bump, we’re slowly growing. Still welcoming newbros and veterans!

Bumping our post if you want to make isk!!

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