High Sec Indy-mining Corp Seeking New Members

"Industrial Privateers United " is recruiting new, returning, or long time pilots who are looking for mining and manufacturing opportunities in EVE.

We can offer…

  • Upgraded systems for Mining and Ratting
  • Researched BP copies
  • Buy-Back Program for Ice, Ore and PI mats
  • Mining vessel
  • Fleet Boosting
  • Discord
  • Discounted Mining Ships / Ship replacement for vessels lost on official business
  • Leadership opportunities
  • And more, more, more

Our Operations

  • Mining (Moon, Ice, Ore)
  • Manufacturing
  • Ratting
  • Research
  • NO forced PvP
  • Recent venture into WH space

We operate nightly boosted mining fleets.
We currently have several moons for frequent moon mining operations.

Contact Buvil Kelly, Kor Rynar or Jambalaya Jones in-game
Search for chat channel “IPU - Public Chat” in game
We mainly play US time zones.

Recruitment discord https://discord.gg/dDEnMUN

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The thing I like best about being in IPU is the people. We all support each other wether it’s knowledge or a barge when people need something we get it done. Oh and the mining ops are great to.

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Oph! Thanks for being part of IPU :smiley:

We are still recruiting. https://discord.gg/dDEnMUN

I joined the discord and asked about the times you guys play…trying to find a group of people that play during the odd hours I can play due to 3rd shift…It appears I have now been removed from the discord with no PM or anything :frowning:

Hello Electro,

I fixed the discord issue. The link was set wrong. Feel free to come on back and we can discuss things further in discord. The link has been edited above.

Still hiring :slight_smile:

Bump. Still hiring! Come get rich with us!


Still hiring, we need some PI players for our fuel line.

Interested, I will message you in discord.

We are still looking for miners, indy and PI folks!

We have been venturing out into WH space seeking gas mining opportunities too.

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