DarkSun Master Ship Builders

Ready2Fly ships for Ready2Go prices.
All ships are properly Cap Stable, Alpha Friendly and include modules, ammo and drones. Custom builds and T2 can be ordered and flown to HiSec systems.
Contact Tolgan Stargazer or Nova Sunfire for quotes (Or leave message here) or search for Nova Sunfire in Contracts System to buy now. Over 20 years experience!!!

Current Stock

Drake - 65 mil
Corax - 8 mil
Rupture - 30 mil
Kestrel - 5 mil
Talwar - 8 mil
Caracal - 16 mil
Probe - 5 mil
Catalyst - 8 mil

Note: Prices may change based on current market value. Ships larger than Battlecruiser may take 2-4 weeks to deliver.

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