Darwinism; Low Sec Pirates for over a decade

Much to my chagrin Darwinism is now recruiting, sigh.

Why the sigh you ask? So let me tell you. It’s simple EVERYONE likes the idea of low sec pirating but no one wants to do it. 99% of pilots do not want to be low sec pirates, they like the romantic ideal but what they really want is the Hi/Null sec quiet mining/Indy/market/explo. A few want to fight but only in huge fleets and mostly cos leadership tell them they have to to defend the isk flow. And the isk must flow.

So if you have read this far the 1st question is; really? Do you really fancy being a low sec pirate because it is not for everyone. Contrary to popular belief we do not sit on the Ashmarir gate 24-7 just look at our KB (linked below). We do roams, filaments, wh dives and hunt. We do sit in a sweet spot between Null and hi. We at our most piratey in EU evenings and US tz. We are a VERY mixed bunch. The leadership does not tell anyone what to do (no Ego’s, no shouty FC’s, maybe a bit drunk sometimes but not nasty shouty). We are here to hunt and kill, everyone hates us. All the Null sec blobs hate us, all the miners hate us, all the noobs hates us, all the haulers hate us. Really? is this what you feel called too?

Honestly; we think we are as funny as hell. Low sec pirates - they way Eve was always supposed to be. We serious about hunting (maybe not very good at it) but all the rest is just a blast. We hand out ships for some roams, we go on a meme roam every time we tick over another trillion in kills.

IF you are interested then come down to Gehi and hit up anyone of the guys / girls in this list for a chat monthly top. Ask them what being in Darwin is like. Don’t ask me, I hate people.

It is a very rare calling with little honour but it might be you. You be You. But this is us:


Ability to kite not required.

Sul Glass.

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Suppose I will bump this :smiley:

Some of the EU pilots had some fun.

Do you guys have a discord server where I could ask some questions, or should I do that ingame via the Hub? (Is the ingame channel Hub even still active?)


Try DRWIN PUB in game chat channel - We are a bit crap at recruitment, but sure someone will answer when they are around :grinning:

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Awesome, thanks!

Will talk with you guys in the PUB!


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