DASTARDLY DARWINISM PIRATES! [alliance recruitment]

Fatal Rain > what we all really want to know is what is your position on brexit?

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll die

The worst pirates you have ever heard of…but at least you have heard of us.

Lowsec pirates who rule Khanid Lowsec.


We have caused Ev0ke to restructure, helped kill Nulli Secunda, forced Purple Helmeted Warriors from the region, HUN Reloaded left because of us, Northern Army were eased out, The Methodical Alliance left Querious due to our pressure, Surely Your Joking died, Jihadasquad died. Everybody who comes to Khanid eventually disbands or leaves. Rabble alliance died in Querious, Darkness + Blades of Grass left because of Darwinism. Volition Cult has disbanded because of us, Imperium Divine moved away, The R0NIN ran away from us in Querious because of our skillz. Currently NC is dying in Khanid. UPDATE: NC have left Khanid due to our memes and pvp skill, MC is also disbanding because of their experience in Khanid, Stellae Renascitur are being evicted from QFC due to poor performance against us. The majority of Exiled Gaming members have left EVE because of us. Their pet alliance GDUSK is reorganising as well. Southern Legion Alliance are leaving Querious because they couldn’t take and hold a single system of ours. The CareBear PirateShip died as well. SpaceMonkeys died a second time because of us, The Hivemind Federation are being pushed from Querious, GoonSwarm has lost Querious because of us, FATAL ORDER died in lower Querious, Kansas City Shuffle are dying en masse to our swarms of good pilots, PLA goon corp is currently dying to Darwinism and allies

Propaganda End

Real Talk
We are down to earth real life friendly funny pirates that occasionally poke 0.0 for content as well.

What do we do and offer?
Villainous piracy
Dying, sometimes badly, blaming each other as our ships are turned into a debris field

The People
We have a huge range of people and personalities within the alliance. To give you a flavour:

  • ‘Glorious’ Space leaders
  • Pilots that always need orders repeating 10 times
  • Some priest dude
  • Pilots that are good at pvp
  • Pilots that are terrible at pvp
  • Pilots that think they are good at pvp, but are mistaken
  • Pilots that don’t shut up on teamspeak
  • Pilots that don’t ask for help in combat when they clearly need it
  • Pilots that over analyse everything
  • Pilots that only Pyfa
  • Funny pilots
  • People that tell terrible jokes
  • Eastern Front WW2
  • Less funny pilots
  • People that don’t get said terrible jokes
  • That (Those) one (six) pilot(s) that always jump(s)!
  • Nerd that makes wooden spoons
  • That one that turns up and says “Hey, what we doing”, just after a complicated plan has been explained
  • Poor pilots
  • Those people that are on comms but aren’t listening and immediately ask “what, what, what we doing, what do you need me in” the second action is called
  • Turnsleft
  • A vacancy for decent Lithuanians
  • The mega rich
  • Great relationships
  • Weird bloke that knits leather bags
  • That person that asks for blops and expects 15 bombers within 4 seconds to be ready :smiley:
  • Guarryyy Bell!
  • Conspiracy theorists
  • Then there is EyeofRah… mfw
  • Narrow minded non-conspiracy theorist types
  • Alcoholics
  • Geopolitical discussions revolving around Greece vs Turkey
  • Druggies
  • Boring people

Do you believe the Earth is shaped more like a Dominix or a Barghest? Explain your answer with sources.

Overall, a pretty normal middle size ish multi- timezone community of pirates. We are literally dreadful. So if you die to us you are worse than a CCP designing sov.

So if you are a corporation of of relaxed and insane pilots that like chilled lowsec life, come to talk to us!

Now recruiting - Directors in Alliances in the QFC. Please transfer us your structures for the lols

We don’t have a forum and hardly use our discord. Oh, and slack, that is a thing we don’t use…

It can get quiet in Khanid sometimes so be able to entertain yourself when its quieter.

Perhaps you are a newer corp that would like to get a taste of lowsec life?

Recruitment (US): Gary Bell
Recruitment (EU): Crystalline Entity
Recruitment (AU): Tonestar 1, Xeonau DaBoosak

Public Channel: DRWIN PUB


you are fun,

gladly giving you guys a



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I’m only slightly offended! :wink:



Some of our latest shenanigans…

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Type here

Are you recruiting for pilots? If so how active are you in the US TZ?

Why yes, yes we are!

USTZ, particularly late USTZ is kinda thin. Our alliance is pretty rooted in the late EUTZ/early USTZ time-frame. Not to say we don’t have ops late on the east coast (had one last night), just not particularly the norm.

That said, there’s ALWAYS something going on in Khanid. We do have purple roams too, where we fleet up with prospective applicants and lose some ships together. Gives everyone a chance to try each other on for size (not like that)!

Just give us a shout in the channel linked above >>


So, I was thinking today about livening up the place. You know maybe a hat rack in the corner or a lamp on the desk. Then the idea struck… why not spice up our alliance recruiting post with a little character… a little pizzazz… a little oomph! :wink:

Nobody likes to see "BUMP repeated ad nauseum 'round these parts, so here’s a little something different.

First off, acknowledgement goes to our newest Dear Leader, Sul Glass for the pic above! I’ve modified it slightly from it’s original version. :smirk:

We’ve had a bit of a shake up lately in Alliance leadership… but rest assured Eve Online, our dastardly band of villainous pirates continue the noble pursuit of ensuring that LOWSEC Khanid remains lethal to any-and-all wishing to pass through! :skull_and_crossbones: :dizzy_face: :skull_and_crossbones:

So to kick things off and considering that nobody apart from Mr. Monstrosity (kewl name btw) above has actually asked anything in here, why don’t we start off with a softball…

  • “Mr. Garen, luv the new digs :star_struck:, can you provide some insight for a newbro… bright eyed and bushy-tailed, as they consider going to LOWSEC for the very first time?”

Well Mr. Garen, I’m so glad you asked.

Something to consider, Mr. Newbro, is that every single LOWSEC gate in the game is camped by nefarious evil-doer pirates ready to pounce on you the instant you cross the boundary from High-sec into BEST SEC with the express desire of relieving you of your ship, your assets, and your pod!

“REALLY??” :open_mouth:

No, not really… not even CLOSE! You see in Eve, the approximate system breakdowns are…

  • Highsec: 1090
  • Lowsec: 817
  • Nullsec: 3524 (including jove systems unavailable for travel)
  • Wormholes: 2600 (I think this # is correct)

So, looking at this from the perspective of Lowsec system availability in-game, only 10% of the entire game is Lowsec!

While concrete numbers aren’t available, I think a realistic historical value attributed to the percentage of Eve players that actually inhabit Lowsec is roughly 8% of the game’s population.

For comparison’s sake (and likewise based on reasonable historical information), roughly 50% of the game’s population lives in Highsec, which comprises about 14% of Eve.

  • ~8% of the population residing in 10% of the game (Lowsec) vs.
  • ~50% of the population residing in 14% of the game (Highsec)

While direct objective measurements are unavailable, a broadly based assumption can be gleaned just from the swag numbers presented above… and it’s no secret that Lowsec is sparsely populated!

So rest assured, Mr. Newbro… the very first time you enter Lowsec, you most likely won’t have pirates ready to pounce and ruin your day… UNLESS you’re coming to Khanid! :wink:

Off to camp a Highsec gate… toodles! :skull_and_crossbones: :dizzy_face: :skull_and_crossbones:

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Oh, and some more shenanigans…

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I’m interested in trying the pirate life. Drop me a message if you’re still recruiting :slight_smile:


Check it out… those Dastardly Darwinism boys at it again, doing our part to piss on blue donuts!

What did you do today in Eve? :wink:


And another fight! This time to help out our bro’s during the USTZ… on a regular old Tuesday night!

Keepin LOWSEC dangerous! :skull_and_crossbones: :dizzy_face: :skull_and_crossbones:


Dear Garen,

Tell me why Darwin has so few blues. Aren’t blue donuts fun for all???

Love x

This is relevant to my interests. I think we’re operating just “up the road from y’all”. Any interest in a small corporation of cloaky bastards? PM me if so.

We need a bitter AU pirate to join, our Aussie is feeling lonely

Gave the main poast a rejig.

Garen is always looking to talk to more people.

[please don’t talk to me, recruitment is painful]

We decided vydra hadn’t had enough kills today…


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itTjeo6HsyI <3

A game of emoji’s

:airplane: - :skull_and_crossbones: + :gun: - :fire: = :skull: = :laughing:

Just sayin

Good ol regular thread bump. Totally on top of this 24hr bumping thing, nailed it.