9m sp explo player looking for PvP corp/alliance for newbies

Hi I’m a relatively new player to EVE and I’ve had a lot of trouble finding a corp to join that I fit into very well. I’ve tried to get with a few groups but I find that I’m either getting in the way or just not up to the minimum participation requirements of others.

I’m still very overwhelmed by a lot of the systems in the game and I find that the larger groups are running much faster than I can keep up with and I don’t have the mental capacity to manage multiple accounts/characters at the moment which has been a barrier to playing the game effectively and participating well with larger alliances.

I’m not looking for special treatment or training just a corp that’s okay with me not really being able to keep up well (I’m okay with falling behind in roams or getting lost I dont expect anybody to wait for me or guide me or babysit me in whatever I end up flying)

I’m willing to train anything really for doctrines but I prefer to fly frigates, logi, or ewar in smaller gangs as opposed to cruiser/bs blobs but with time I can acclimate, but I am pretty slow to learn and would prefer to fly cheaper things so as not to just welp more core ships for the corp.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I understand if I’m asking to much. I play in late UStz-AUtz most often but my schedule is pretty erratic.

Edit: thank you all for the replies and suggestions, I certainly got a lot more places to look into than I was expecting and I will follow up with these groups soon, thank you all again. o7

maybe Brave newbies, Pandemic horde or something in goons

We just recently brought a new player in our veteran group, similar story and he’s doing awesome. ~2000 signatures scanned in a single month, and some massive improvements to his killboard.

If you’re active in the 00:00-04:00 range, hit me up on Discord. BearThatCares#1337

Contact us!

You’d probably enjoy the chill vibe of life in Lowsec, always a place for new blood and small ships!

Might be something for you?

Looks like we’d be ideal for you.

We’re a null sec corp based in Providence specifically geared to helping newbros into the null hurly-burly.

Check out our post or join our Discord for more info o7

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