Dead Heaven Syndicate - Now Recruiting Corporations (NewBro Friendly)

About DHS,

Dead Heaven Syndicate is a PVP oriented alliance that’s taking a step back from a year of being involved in one major war after the next in order to invest in a new set of pilots and corporations seeking a simple yet productive introduction (or different approach) to nullsec living.

Our Approach Is Straightforward,

Balancing our primary focus as a pvp alliance with our value of every player’s login time, we offer generous incentives for the pvp activity of individual pilots and corporations while augmenting the time, ISK, and effort of CEOs who are actively developing their corps.

And although we are indeed pvp focused, we do recognize that now, more than ever, the meta of this game has shifted to an economic one, so while the alliance does not lean on corporations for funding, in any capacity, it also invests in the space and structures required for full industrial activity and PVE chill-time.

What We Offer:

  • Bounty Payouts For PVP Kills
  • ISK Incentives For Content Generators
  • ISK Incentives For Corp PVP/Recruitment
  • SRP
  • Full Industry Facility Access With Nearly 0 Tax on Alliance Structures
  • 0 Corp Alliance Dues
  • Access to Large/Small PVP
  • Robust in-house IT services, rivaling that of even major coalitions, which include:
    • Optional resource buyback
    • Automated srp and PVP Bounty Payouts
    • Copy/Paste Jita ordering and Logi Service

What We’re Looking For:

  • Active And PVP Oriented Corporations Of All Time Zones
  • Mature, Team-Oriented Groups
  • Willingness To Learn And Grow

For More Info:

Mail - Cain Thanatos, or Arrowspeeed Bounty
Discord - [DHS] Cain Thanatos#6317, or Arrowspeeed#7117

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