Dead Players Society - Relaxed Money Making

DPS is a non war eligible corporation in High-Sec Domain.
We welcome everyone no matter how young or old they are.
Our main focused is a relaxed mining environment, while our senior members are active incursion runners.

What we offer you:

  • Alpha Friendly Environment
  • Starter Pack for New Members (Free Mining Ships + Skillbooks)
  • Mining Boosts in EU and US TZ
  • 0% Tax Rate
  • 95% Jita Buy for Compressed Ore
  • 90% Jita Buy for Refined Moon Goo
  • Perfect Reprocessing at Cost
  • Active Teamspeak and Open Discord
  • Nearby Ice Belts

What distinguishes us from others:
We know that EVE is just a game. There are no mandatory fleets, no activity requirements and there is no drama. We are just here to have a good time and offer a relaxed and supportive place in a crazy Universe.

To join just hop on our Discord Server: and say hello. :slight_smile:

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Amazing growing community. We love to teach and help new players get their space legs going! Come on and join DPS where we make money!

We are recruiting. .)

We are recruiting. :slight_smile:

Bump to the Top! We are still recruiting :slight_smile:

We are recruiting :).

DPS Recruiting still. Over the last 2 weeks we met 5 new amazing people and would love to grow more. We are more than a number like bigger corps we know all of our members. Jump on discord and message me! I would love to even have a chat with you!

To the top. We are recruiting!

We are recruiting :slight_smile:

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