Death to this post. Thanks everyone! <3

PM me the vendetta price in my keepstar

43b for Hel (Hyper II)
Contract to me.

It’s up.


How much for the Hyper hel and the Vendetta ? (Separate prices individually please if you could)

Hey there, sorry just got offered a sweet deal right before i saw your reply for a fully fit one and bought it, ty though <3

Nice! Take care o7

Bump. All hyper hels are gone. 2 CDFE Hels left. Get em before they catch up to the other Supers!
Oh… Still have the Vendetta too lol.



42b offer on hel

I’ll pass. Thanks for the offer. I’ll keep you in mind if I need a quick sell.


82B offer for the pair of hels. Also, how much are you asking for the Detta?

I’ll think on it and probably counter offer via email. Thank you.

Bump. Last Hel.

43 hel offer

Missed the offer. I’ll hold off though. o7. Worth mentioning, I am always up for trades plus or minus isks.

Please let me know, also interested in factions caps if you have some about.

All Hels are solddddddd.