Selling Hel/Nyx

Prices are messed up and i dont wanna bump 2 threads anymore:

Nyx - Amamake KS (Evepraisal - Appraisal z13xk: 6.9 Billion Buy / 7.4 Billion Sell)

Nyx + T2 Trimarks - Rephirib KS (Papi KS chain)

Hel + T2 Hyper - Rephirib KS (Papi KS chain)

Fitts/rigs are valued around Jita split

Offers below 38b for the hulls are considered a bump, current future prices are more like 60b, so i wont mind increasing the price.

Please DM me, if you send a mail, so i actually log in.


and up


and up