Selling Hel/Nyx

Prices are messed up and i dont wanna bump 2 threads anymore:

Nyx - Amamake KS (Evepraisal - Appraisal z13xk: 6.9 Billion Buy / 7.4 Billion Sell)

Nyx + T2 Trimarks - Rephirib KS (Papi KS chain)

Hel + T2 Hyper - Rephirib KS (Papi KS chain)

Fitts/rigs are valued around Jita split

Offers below 38b for the hulls are considered a bump, current future prices are more like 60b, so i wont mind increasing the price.

Please DM me, if you send a mail, so i actually log in.


and up


and up

lets go


Is the hell still available?

Yes. It is

Are you still asking for 38b for the hull?

You are free to make me another offer.

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