Sold -- All done

Nyx Hull
50k Oxygen Iso’s


Up we go

Spaced putting a price, price added to topic

Uppy Guppy

Daily up


Daily up


Up we go, online now for a chat if you fancy

would trade with aeon (3x t2 trimark, located in aunenen) + 1,5b isk

Thanks for the offer, but just looking for some liquid isk

Upvwe go. I’ll consider a 18.* offer

Daily bumperoo


Would buy at requested price if moved to Maila KS

Tempting. But I’d rether not lose it to hunters that live around maila

I can throw my hat in at 16 billion.

Thats a very nice hat :slight_smile:

Would be willing to do 18.5 in Maila

It’s just too risky to move