Deaths Consortium! - Sov Null PVP / PVE Corp - Large / Mid / Small Gang, PVP Reward Schemes!

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The discord is broken or not working. I know this older post but trying to reach out and get a hold of you all. I’m reaching out about joining up possibly. I have at least 5 other friends that would want to join up also. Some have more SP and other are fresh beans. I can guarantee at least 3 for certain the other depending the schedule but the do play. If you like also or easier please reach out to me in game also. I am around a lot of the time of not. Thanks for your time.

come chat with us, join D3CO. Pub channel in game

Yeah our discords not working aha, Message me in game and reference this post and ill get back to you, Apologies for only just seeing this haha, Ive been away for a week or so

Le bump. Join our public chat channel in-game ‘D3CO. Pub’.

Flying back up to the top, Come and hang out with us and get to know us!

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Updated the advert !

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Le bump. Come make dank isk.

Now is the time to join us

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It’s the weekend baby, lets have some fun

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Come join our community!

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Flying high to the top! Were growing nicely, Took in 7 new people this weekend

Up we go!