Debt to Asset ratio (is a 12/12 bad)

Real world economics, eve players are renowned for their spread sheets, I’m looking at real world investments and eve got me hooked on crunching information to try and profit on it, at the top there is a company I’m looking at and the stock recommendation is to HOLD, looking at the debt to asset then looking at the graph it seems that the debt is mounting so am I correct in assuming this based upon what I’m seeing making this a more risky investment.

Real world investments are just lies and gambling.

Pretty much, but people do love Vegas.

That depends what those are, and, other related info.
Also, you might want to get some risk factors, in numerical values, compared to other values, so as to derive actions based on those.

In other words, if my company borrows money, and, the debts is attacked due to the courts refusing to protect my assets, as they try to under-evaluate my assets, to cover previous attacks they invested in against me, those debt value might not be as they are displayed to be, and, their real value may be nil, and , no credit will be possible to be built from it, without external sources, due to the intentions of the market in which those debts were contracted, and , how that market is attacking the assets related, and, how they attacked it, and , how they claimed that communicating it with them was a threat to their security, as they try to gain judgment to justify to attack those assets, and, to make communication in regards to attacks against it illegal and a danger to their psychological warfare.!

In other words, it may be a safer investment, depending on what your security is , and, in relation to the system the investment is offered for and from and with and so on.
To associate with a stock by purchasing it, or, other, is related to that market as a whole , and how it relates with other factors, like, other markets, and,
including futures based on speculation for marginalization.

Basically you are looking at an investment where there is very little equity and the assets may be valued based on what they cost - not what can be realized through liquidation. That doesn’t necessarily make it a bad investment - if they are developing a new product and you believe that product will be a winner, it may be worth the risk.

That’s a subjective call - if you wait for an analysts advice their recommendation will already be baked in to the price. In 2001 or 2002 you could have purchased Apple stock for a little over $1.00 and most people would have considered you nuts if you did so - they were teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, but those who had faith in Jobs’ ability to turn the company around were handsomely rewarded!

If they don’t steal your stock, or, seek to forfeit them, and so on.
It’s one thing to get evidence and proof of profit gained from investment and analysis, it’s another thing when the power that be decide to lie and try to impose economic boycott to cover extortion.

It makes the asset to debt ratio matter differently due to the damage to the asset and the validity of the dent.
Now, of course, if you are going to focus to other things, to try to omit that, and cover for the intended damage, and blame it on the target of the loss, it makes it more obvious where the economic warfare lies.

At least, if they are going to lie about it, it’s going to be be obvious where they lie.

Well it doesn’t matter anymore I got ganked by webull, did the verification process, got the micro deposits, verified that, made a deposit, then get told it’s an RO3 (bank account not found), even with the micro deposits verified, so I decided not to move forward with this, guess what you cannot close your account because that “free” stock they hand out is the trap that you can’t get rid of because your account is on hold because now you owe them $30 for a failed transaction.

However you can’t make a payment because of the first problem and if there’s a problem with that you get charged additional $30 per transaction, so essentially I’m stuck and customer support only sends canned messages, nice.


YOLO, why play it safe when you can BUY BUY BUY?

Penny stocks are high risk at the best of times - expected value not much better than lottery tickets. In a pandemic, any business that didn’t have a strong balance sheet going in, is going to be in serious trouble coming out. If you do choose to dabble in these stocks, at least go through a regulated exchange!

Yeah, I’m done with stock investments, I just think it’s not worth while to pursue because the returns are too low unless you go long term, I do believe there are more worthwhile money making opportunities out there with less pearl clutching every time the market farts.

While stock is considered passive income (if your stock rises), and you sell at the right time I just am not there in no way shape or form that it is worthwhile because the returns are too low with the amount of seed money to start, however real estate you can see big returns in a much shorter time, yes there is risk to but ultimately the land is still worth something and you should never have to worry about losing 100% of your money (although that is never 100% guarantee).

But my main problem right now is getting the courage to try, however it just seems a less risky road because I can do a lot of work on my own and own many of the tools to do repairs and have people around me who are in the business of construction, so I believe this is a better route.

Once they put money in your accounts from dividends or other, it’s up to you to go up to them and complain that you could have made money otherwise, and, ask for your money back.

The worst that can happen is that they don’t pay you back, right away…

On a short notice, if you buy or get preferred stocks, or, voting shares, that means you get to decide the rules for the company, including stocks structure , and, what projects the company will be investing money in, among other things.

It’s like saying, if you decide your company wants to invest in other things than stocks, from stock market, publicly traded, you can invest in private stocks , not publicly traded…
In other words, the exact same thing.

You can also list stocks for real estate on the stock market, and, invest in stock market for real estate, or, invest in real estate from the stock market, as, they also offer real estate on the stock market.
Some of those companies, publicly traded companies, accepted to be trading on the stock market, with a minimum value or 1 million in assets, or, some other requirements, to be accept to trade on it, trade stocks on the stock market, and, are offered to list their own stocks in real estate, so that investor can buy their stocks from there too.

Penny stocks are another story , as, to be listed as Penny stock, they must meet the 1 million minimum asset mark , as well as being approved by the stock market board.
Also, they can be unlisted if they remain penny stock for over a year.
In other words, while they may allow penny stocks to trade, for set periods of time, they may not allow them to trade all the time, and, may be unlisted, just as any other company may be unlisted, once the board decides.

You can deal with smaller businesses which would not be allowed on the stock market.
Some are more profitable , especially in larger volume.
You can then invest money from it in stocks.

Profit in based on the return on investments.
Many of those investments value are based on assets, in terms of credit.
The investor borrows money from creditors, who use their asset to offer credit, as guarantee for repayment.
Should the borrower default to pay it back, there is an agreement that those assets would be transferred to the lender.

Of course, if the lender conspire to rob the borrower, he shouldn’t not have to pay it back.
In fact, since it may be organized crime, he may not have the right to pay it back, nor get credit from them.

The best investment I ever made was purchasing both sides of a semi detached house. I live in 1 side and rent the other. The tenants pay the mortgage and the asset will make a nice addition to my retirement income a few years from now. While real estate generally isn’t going to appreciate as fast as the market, a house is a home as well as an investment.

As a casual investor, I believe you’re best to “buy the market” rather than individual stocks - and hold for the long term rather than try to time the ups and downs. Most of us will spend 40 years in the workforce: on Dec 31 1979, the Dow Jones industrial average closed at 838.74 - 40 years later on Dec 31, 2019 it closed at 28,538.44.

Keep telling yourself that. The market is just a long-con.

Also, while you may lose money in stocks, often the company will be able to use the money for other things later, which future profit, you may be a better beneficiary of, since you did invest before.
Usually, it is not obligatory, that it why voting shares can solve that problem which may not be obligatory .

Also, you can invest in futures, which are like, investment for

2 hours ago:

Well, even the richest ones and companies from stock don’t always win.
It’s just the nature of the system.

You can use your losses to find what works better for you.
No 2 investors are the same, because the market changes.

Also, your investment may not work, but, someone else, with the exact same amount, at the exact same time, may work.
It may also not work, however, it may be for other reasons than the reasons that your investment didn’t earn profit.

However, usually, if the stocks value goes down, you can’t sell it for more, and, if the dividends are low, you may not make a profit due to the costs to purchase it , or, even, the costs of selling it.

Let’s say, the one who invested at the same sells it when the stock is high, and makes a profit,
he doesn’t have the stock anymore, and , he cannot sell it anymore.
However, if you try to sell the stock after, and the value is lower, you may lose money if the value is lower than cost of purchase you paid for, or, make less profit.

So, that is one example of 2 investments, one profitable, the other, not.

Now, the value is down, the guy that sold and made a profit, buys the same share back again, at the new lower cost.
He can now sell it back again at the higher cost, and, if you fail again, he will get twice as much profit as you.

So , if others attack your capacity to make a profit, and try to aggravate the conditions unfairly, so that it would accumulate more losses, even if illegally so, and they try to lie it’s legal, you may be well advise to record it, and register copyright for it, since, it may endanger your life, and the perpetrator of the crimes may seek to make it illegal for you to register copyrights of their attacks, since, as they already lost the right to protect their assets , and ill gains, some of them against you, they won’t be able to protect them unless they can get judgment from the courts that they can interfere against your right to prosecute them.

I personally prefer to not associate with those system, but , most people find favor in them, which, unfortunately for them, is not that much good really.
It’s also ground for war.

It’s like, they tried to interfere against my marriage, and then, think I can associate with them, or, even worst, try to obligate me, which is worse than immoral.
It’s an extremely dirty form of economic warfare and highly immoral.
They even try to disguise it as moral as if it wouldn’t make them even more immoral.
They also try to disregard their intent to blame it on their victim by trying to justify more abusive accusations and liability.
Like the case in the US.

So, personally , I know it’s worst than murder attempt.
I also know which military systems are related to those entities.
Some people get charged for insider trading, because, they know too much of those military entity, such as, military intelligence.

You also need the means to transacts, whether , electronic data transaction systems, or other.

With my low income, below average and poverty , it makes it harder for me to invest in stocks, and, even if I did invest low amounts, it would make it harder for me to get money out from it.

That is why if I did get that $37,500 in a year, which is just the amount related to the tax bracket , that it would be enough for me to make a million from it.

I could , if the stocks makes 400% profit, profit from it, some stocks do.
Some stocks profit and increase in value to over 10,000% of the original cost value.
So, while usually, in more than 1 year, it is still valuable investment.
$1 would be equal to $4 at 400% , not including the cost.
$5 total, $4 + the original cost of $1.

At 10,000% , it’s $100 per $1.
For $100, $10,000, or, $9,900 profit.
for $300, $30,000 and
$400, a $40,000 a year salary.

That is about the average, or, above, as,
it’s around $50,000 for a family of 4 or 2.

I could afford to lose $5 or $20 to invest and find out.
Even if I invested $100 in one year, and , had enough money to find out, it would be better to find out, than to risk to lose the opportunity and to not be able to find out if other opportunity would arise, which I could then invest in, instead.

It already costed me more than $200,000, and , most of it is in courts due to attempted theft, and sought forfeiture.
I just lost $50 today, due to inability to make payment on a storage locker out of 2 of my storage lockers, which storage locker and storage space company, I could invest in the company stocks, to be able to trade them.

Due to this loss, I have to pay over $450 to $480 by a June 30, 2020 deadline, otherwise, the property goes to auction, including any documents which may be stored there, some of which to be used for legal proceedings.

So, even though the courts lie they are fair, they don’t protect any of the documents related to the proceedings and, try to waste my time with it.
I also have to go get another documents from them, which, I later learned, was stored in a place named by a term used to denote delays…
So, that makes it even more obvious.
That was since before the COVID-19.

So yes, at that point, even the legal system doesn’t follow the rules, and , they are abusive of those rules, so, I have no use to pay tax there, and , organize myself with them, as I am not only witness of crimes they do, but, also am victimized and attacked from them, as they try to cover up their damage against me, and not let me be able to report them and have recourse against them.

I just paid $419 yesterday, for the other locker which was late one month, with the biographic sketch document from the army, and, legal documents, some of the offices related to those legal documents they closed the offices of, due to COVID-19.

They’re most certainly invest to be more and more military enemies than more and more friendly, and, willing to protect assets without trying to hide crimes, and, offering false transparency, while trying to discredit, by trying to justify communication gap, which, they deliberately try to profit from creating, with encryption and so on.

None of it was ever any good, and they always try to coerce in making it seem to be too late, and, trying to say it’s not good enough when done before, and, trying to lie it was done after the fact, so to try to justify that it’s too late and so on.

They also do fraud on receipts, and don’t give proper receipts, which, they also would not protect or correct.
It’s like when they make treaties, and , don’t respect them.
You know their treaties are not worth what they are making them out to be, since, they don’t only lie traiterously about it, but, they have no intentions to respect them, and, they only offer others to be bound by them, so that they can use them as a mean to confuse their attention so that they can try to get away with abusing them.

Then, they make some excuse for access to info , in regards to , if it endangers their safety, or, safety of investigations.
They try to cause damage to their investigations from others, and , invest in investigating as excuse to get damage caused to it, so they can refuse evidence, and refuse to release info.
It’s obviously used as secret weapon.

They also try to cause destabilization, and, I would be well advised to make sure that anyone I brought here has a way to keep their property out, or risk to be kidnapped, and have their property rights interfered against, due to risk of damage to their investigation, which investigation would obviously be against us, and that I would never have any use to mislead anyone 0.001% of the misleading they try to cause us.

They like to make demands for ransom.

Can I have some of the drugs you’re on?

It’s not prescription, so, unless you’re on prescription, you may have some , or use it.
I wouldn’t recommend mixing it with medically prescribed drugs, like , maybe, COVID-19 drugs, or, something that would interact with that and cause adverse effects.

I use red wine in evening, to sleep, and, sometimes, coffee or Coke during the day.
I’m now going to buy 12 cans of NOS canned drinks at 2,000 mg Taurine for $15 + tax = $16.95 at 13% Harmonized sales tax consisting of 2 taxes (does not apply if you are in another tax scheme).

I don’t smoke or vape hot water.

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