Deep Space Sparrow Flock - Become ONE OF US!

Become ONE OF US! The Sparrows need YOU!

Active Corp (we actually talk in Corp chat), tons of advice for new alpha players, relaxed environment. The only requirement is to log in at least once a month.
While we live in Highsec, we don’t confine ourselves to 1.0-0.5 space.

Our activities:
• PVE combat site fleets several times weekly - in Lowsec, Nullsec, and Wormholes.
• PVP fleets - mostly in Lowsec and Nullsec
• Exploration - For Relic and Data sites mostly in Wormholes/Null
• Mining - Occasional ORCA supported mining fleets

Benefits for members:
• PVE combat site fleets several times weekly
• Small PVP fleets a few times weekly (We use TeamSpeak)G#: Alpha friendly pre-fitted frigates (brawler fits) available to Corp members for PVP
• Optimized blueprint copies available to Corp members
• Occasional contests with prizes (Example: Mining competitions to gather materials for Corporation assets)
• Mentoring from experienced players
• Strong camaraderie and sense of belonging

• A good sense of Humor
• A desire to DO

Recruitment officers are : Darlik Khamsi, Haltie, Khuni Marr, Belshazar Cogengone


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how organized do your fleets get? military and mining.

sorry for the delay in answering your question, I’ve been on vacation.

For PVE fleets, we generally have “pick-up” fleets. Someone announces that they want to have a PVE fleet in Corp chat and a bunch of people join, or the FC creates a fleet advert and posts in Corp chat.

For PVP fleets, we have several days a week when we have them scheduled and several members usually join. We meet at a predefined location and give out corporate fitted frigates to anyone who needs a ship and go to FW systems from there.

For mining fleets, those are all “pick-up”

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Bump. Come be ONE OF US! We have cake.




Bump. Recruiting is going very well! 7 new members in the last week! Become ONE OF US!