Deepwood. is looking for more Pathfinders [Sov-null]

Deepwood. is looking for more pilots wanting a fresh start in southern null-sec. We’re looking for people from all walks of EVE life!

Old or new, indy or pvp, we are looking for players with a goal in mind and a curiosity about EVE. We live in Southern null (Angel space). Content is to be had all day round and if frozen corpses isn’t on your diet there is PI, mining and industry facilities available. No matter your walk of life, history or inclinations here is a place for you to cultivate your skills in a politically neutral group.

To clarify further, new players with a capacity to learn will find themselves in a helpful and laid back community. We have experience from all walks of capsuleer life and are happy to share what we know. PvP willingness is expected as we have to defend our space. We mainly specialize in small-gang pvp. Despite your skill-level or experience there will always be opportunities to contribute.

As for who you are; you’re a fast learner, sociable and you’re curious. To us, EVE is a social game, real life comes first and banter on coms is more valuable than green on the killboard. That being said, acting like an idiot to people and not learning from your mistakes is not acceptable. You will also need to be willing to try things maybe out of your comfort zone. Whos blacklist you’re on doesn’t matter and how much red or green is on your killboard doesn’t matter, old merits won’t hold you back. We want pilots with a sound attitude and a curious mindset.

If that sounds like you, please hit me up in game (Square Metric) via convo or mail if I am away, alternatively PM on reddit. Additionally you can join our public channel: Deepwood Public

We are still lost! Need bros!

Pathfinders needed!

Can’t see the forest through all these trees! We’re lost without you!

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