Defense Logistics Bureau - Recruiting New Players and Vets

NOTE: This is a new corporation looking for people to help expand into the areas mentioned below. If you’re looking for a corporation that is already established with members, regular events, ect. then unfortunately we aren’t there yet. We would like to be, and hope there are player’s out there who are willing to help be the initial cornerstone to something that hopefully will be more.

So you’re cruising through space looking for your place? Cheesy right? Not really if you think about it. New Eden is vast and there are countless things you can do from mining, to missions, to PvP, incursions, and… Well, you get our point. But… why not be apart of something bigger and carve out a rewarding experience alongside other like minded individuals? The DLB is new, we can’t do everything or be everywhere at all times. With people like you joining the DLB, this can change. We can grow, do bigger things, be more places, but YOU and everyone else in the DLB will always be our biggest and most valuable achievements.

We want the honor of being apart of your journey in New Eden. We want to see new players grow into vets and vets to grow into legends and through the DLB we can achieve great things together.

We aren’t going to say that we do every single thing a corporation can do. We won’t make promises we can’t keep. Heck there are plenty of things we don’t know! But let’s grow and learn together. We hope to eventually offer just as much as some of the huge legendary corporations that are out there, but everyone has to start somewhere. Why not start with us?

Check out our website or keep reading below.

The DLB exists to provide a reliable, safe, and secure option within the vast supply chains of New Eden – from raw materials to end user to distribution – for all.

Provide a consistent logistical output of raw materials and supplies to support clients in their acquisitions of weapons, fuel, parts, and other materials while maintaining proper security to safe guard their investment and the supply chain.


Is the DLB new player friendly?
Yes! In fact we encourage new players to join and for veterans to mentor them so that as a corporation we can contribute, retain, and encourage the future of New Eden.

Will I be required to participate in operations?
No one is required to participate in operations of any kind. However it is GREATLY encouraged as it provides great experience not only in expanding your skills or financial well being, but also in building a solid community. Space is a large and lonely place as it is, why not attempt to expand your horizons and build some friendships to counter this.

Do I need to maintain certain activity levels?
Everyone has a life of their own and the DLB understands this. We aren’t wanting to be your entire life, but just apart of it. Some are more active than others, but as long as you’re making an effort, communicating if you’re going to be away for awhile, and not just disappearing for long periods – then you’re safe! The more active you are, the more we all benefit. Do what you can.

Is this a RP (Role Playing) Corportion?
Not specifically, however RP is allowed and encouraged. Essentially we are all role playing as it is because none of use are actually in space or flying around in large hunks of metal shooting and mining. (Wouldn’t it be something if we were though!)

What about language, timezone, or other requirements such as voice capability?
You’re really digging for the, “This sounds to good to be true…there it is.” moment aren’t you? Being able to communicate is of course important. At this time being able to read / write English is required. Voice capability is not required, but the ability to listen and understand is if you’re going to participate in operations that may require voice. As for timezone? The DLB is open every hour of everyday, so we need people from all time zones. Does this mean there won’t be quiet moments? Unfortunately no. As the DLB expands we hope to eliminate those pesky “I’m all alone.” moments.

Would you like to know more or Apply?
Contact myself (Hyru Tycho) and lets talk and see if the DLB is a fit for you.

Greetings . Have a discord link?

@diamond_milo_jomitos Defense Logistics Bureau Discord

It isn’t fully setup yet. Was next on my list to do.

We are still recruiting new players and vets. Check us out today.

Up. If you want to have a fresh start and help plan a corp from ground 0, we will be glad to accept you. If you a new player, we can be of great help whathever activity y may be looking for.

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