Located in Amamake NPC

205 B buyout.

Can relocate to Lonetrek or Forge Keeps like Oijanen. Can also move it to NPC in those region if sale is confirmed.

795 B buyout.

No one is buying this price now, the price has dropped.
My price 600b and no one bought it.


38 B buyout. Also looking for offers.

Okay, you sell at 600 B then.
I’ll keep my Azariel since it is the newest and shiniest ship until I see some good offer.
Works for bragging rights :smiling_face:

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Regarding to the Forum Rules we will merge your multiple Salesthreads into this one here.

  1. If you wish to sell several items at one time please put up one thread and do not start a new thread for each item.

You can edit the Title to refelect your offers correct.

Delete this post. It’s too cluttered. I’ll make a new one. @ISD_Traindriver

Closed as requestet.

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