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Hey Primeryissecondary! Mouth Trumpet Cavalry is the place to be! We shoot everyone, even Goons! We are a glorious and strong C5 WH corp. Masters of nano fleets! Wielders of Heavy Armor! Distributors of Void S through our Enyo fleets that strike terror in to our enemies! Fear not for your isk, for Wormhole space has the best isk making for any skill level. MCAV is truly a paradise that all should wish to experience.

Join mcav-public channel in game, or convo Tugen or Avardos Avaleiria to find out more. Join us! You will thank yourself for it.

oooh boy if you cant get into HORDE, youre a bad spy.

I hope the reason is a different one, otherwise iam f*cking clueless then:)

Probably me being part of blopsec and killing their supers and rorqs, same for test i guess:)

thanks for your reply m8

I tried wh-space and i never manage to figure that ■■■■ out :slight_smile:

i guess iam not smart enough :slight_smile.

ill have you in mind


Gonna fire you an ingame mail my dude :smiley:

Mordus Angels is reforming by the way.
Check out this recruitment post:

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