UK/EU Community based PVP/PVE


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…. your corp promised you riches, but you have to pvp all the time
…. your corp promised pvp, but everyone krabs all the time
…. your corp has so many blues that there is no point in roaming null space
…. your corp forbids you from flying in NPSI fleets

Well we have been taking a break, and are now ready to build again and evolve with how Eve is at the moment. As you can see we are at the moment a small corp, so not a lot of activity, be under no illusion that you are about to join a mega active pvp corp. However when you look at other corp ads, pay attention to how long they have been going and then compare their kill boards total kills to ours. I am a shift worker so am active in UK/EU TZ 1 week and then obviously not so on the next.

As we build and bring FC/Content generators in on each TZ, NPSI fleets will be encouraged for your killing needs. Any aspirations on becoming an FC, then these communities will also train you. You might already be flying with these communities and want a corp to join, so please feel free to get in touch. As US and AU TZ FC/Content generators are found, you’ll also automatically become your TZ’s recruiter until such time you have someone you can trust to do it for you.

Everyone seems to think that null is the best place to go to make isk, but there are lots of opportunities in high sec space that can produce similar values and be performed without having to worry about getting hot dropped.

…. Incursions - 120mill/hr flying logi cruiser, close to a carrier pilot in null
…. lvl 4 Burner missions - 200mill/hr in a frigate, as good as a carrier and nearing a super
…. lvl 4/5 Abyssals - 200/300 mill/hr again in a cruiser, now just as good as super ratting

and all the above can be done in highsec, with a non War Eligible corp so no wardecs to worry about.

Currently looking for BLOPS and small gang FC’s and Bomber Pilots.

Mosquito Squadron was formed nearly 5 years ago, as a way for me to fly with Bombers Bar so as not to draw wardecs to the corp I was running Incursions with. Corp started to grow into a nice small UK/EU TZ fighting unit, and so then began our adventures into Null space, where we began with Mordus Angels in NPC null before moving to The Culture and our first adventure with Sov Null, then our return to MOA and after that a merger with CO2. We are now back within our own alliance - Dogs Of War, where we will now do our own thing.

Since being in Null sec alliances I have realised that the game seems to still be dictated by whoever is the largest blue entity within your respective coalition. Your alliance gets to dictate who you can and cannot recruit. Screw that enough is enough.

As a small UK/EU corp we have averaged 600 kills/month so far. We are now looking to be a larger all TZ corp with a higher average of kills/month. Our next adventure is now going to be small gang and BLOPS guerrilla warfare tactics within low sec and null space.

So whats on offer -

  • Corp Forum
  • Fun
  • Discord
  • Fun
  • A Corp who realise RL comes first

What are we looking for from you -

  • Willingness to learn
  • High SP character and/or BLOPS alts
  • Ability to duel box, but not necessary
  • FC experience would be a bonus but not essential
  • Willingness to train Doctrines and help the Corp advance

If the above has got your interest and you think you can make an impact here, then please join our in game chat channel 633 Public. Come and have a chat to us or mail the recruiters listed in the channel.

I have been in Eve since 2005 so can also show you how to make ISK and finance a lot of your gameplay.

-633- Killboard

-633- Discord


98235771_32 MOSQUITO SQUADRON -633- 98235771_32

Currently looking for leadership, content generators and recruiters for US and AU TZ’s

Help us make this alliance logo a reality, just need 250 pilots :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


98235771_32 MOSQUITO SQUADRON -633-

All TZ’s are welcome as there is around the clock PVP action.

Emailed Leaf/Kinis


98235771_32 MOSQUITO SQUADRON -633- 98235771_32

Looking for the good PVP pilots.

Plenty of PVP to be had, good space for your wallet as well.

98235771_32 MOSQUITO SQUADRON -633- 98235771_32

Still open for recruitment all TZ’s are welcome.

Welcome back Oodini, old corp mate returning from back when we was first in MOA

Still recruiting, come and visit us in our in game channel 633 Public

98235771_32 MOSQUITO SQUADRON -633- 98235771_32

Looking for US TZ players.

Still recruiting all TZ’s

CEO is online, join 633 Public and see if you can convince him to let you join.

Still recruiting. All TZ’s are welcome as there is around the clock fleets.

Still recruiting.

All TZ’s are welcome as there is around the clock PVP action.

FC Training is available.

Start your PVP career here. Get trained as an FC.

PVE also available.

Bada bing bada boom.

Hi I’m interested, tell me more. Pm me in game or mail me. I’ll tell you what I’m looking for.

I have mailed you in game.