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Hi there m8

Welcome back to the game.

We do both actually, most of the times we form a camp that ends up in a roam(after refit) once we get the numbers needed.

We are most active in both eu and us prime time with fleets up to 15ish together with our winmatar friends.

what was the name of the morts pilot you used to fly with?

come and talk to us on our discord and if you dont like what we are doing maybe i can help you find a new home :slight_smile:


Thanks. I am an old man and have never had discord:-) I will get that sorted and pop across when I have a moment. I flew mainly with Forgon and followed him and others in to Turn Left.

Great crew with fun PVP, def happy i joined up:)

We are still looking for new family members

We are growing and having a great time. Join us


Anyone looking for a chilled corp, free of drama and where you will get regular null sec PVP, this is it! Make the move, come join MORTS

we are still looking for new members

we are still looking for new family members.

if you want a very laidback game expirience then check us out


Still recruiting! Great group of players that are chill and knowledgeable. Daily pvp opportunities and plenty of ISK to be made in the area.

still looking for new family members.

soon we will be able to offer access to lowsec and wormhole space for alts to make iskies

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Great group of guys! Highly recommended to anyone looking for wide range of fun ISK making content in EVE!

06 born returning player, been gone a couple years. Looking to step back in. Slowly, single dad of two kids. Anyone in game able to chat about this?

Join our discord so we can have a channel


We are still looking for pilots that want to be part of our family and humble house

if you like a very limited gameplay with a great group to hang around with please make sure to check us out


We are still open for new family members to be part of our humble house

Just a little confused by your original post and seeking clarification. Original post says:

As corporation we operate in Venal (null npc) as an independent entity which means you can say goodbye too

Sov warfare. No structure bashing nor cta’s
No Sov space to bother off.

Say goodbye to no sov space?

Sp/Exp requirements. Time will fix that for you:)
Api/seat bllsht.
No big fleet warfare. Say goodbye too TiDI and anchor +F1

Like above, pilots can say goodbye to no big fleet warfare?

Small/midsize pvp. Your skills will actualy matter this time

Say goodbye to small/midsize pvp?

and much more

Do people really want to say goodbye to much more?

I hope you can see how confusing it is to say, ‘here are all the things you won’t do with us’, and then in the middle of that same list, to advertise things (that I assume you do?)

I suspect you mean to say, and please, feel free to edit your main post with this if so:

We operate as an independent corporate entity in Venal (null npc), which means you can say goodbye to:

Sov warfare. No structure bashing nor cta’s - we don’t have any sov space to bother with
Sp/Exp requirements. Time will fix that for you:)
Api/seat checks
Big fleet warfare.
TiDI and anchor +F1

But say hello to:

Ample small/midsize pvp, where your skills will matter, - mostly T3ds and below on roams and gatecamps
0% tax rate together with up to 500m/hr running level 4 gurista pirate missions to pay for your pvp needs

Hi Arronicus,

thanks for your feedback and thanks for the free bump:)

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bump for these fine guys
have joined them and they are a laugh a minute
much more fun than endless structure bashing in null

still looking