Delete please

Still open for new family members

We always want more people we had some amazing fun today giving fc aneurism ")

Stop by and talk to us

if you are looking for small/midsize pvp check us out

A friendly bump. Still actively recruiting.

we are still open for new pilots that like small/midsize pvp with an independet group

Still looking for people

Chill and fun. good group.

we are growing and we are having fun which is what matters the most

join up now

We are still looking for new family members.

Check us out before you make up your mind

if you are looking for a laidback group with just focus in having fun

please make sure to speak with us


Our house is growing by the day

Join our discord for a chat

Still looking for new family members that appreciate a simple gameplay

we are still open

check us out

laid back null npc corp looking for new family members

Recruitment is still open! Join up today!

up to the top we go

We are still open for the right type of people

if you like a simple and relax independent pvp please check us out