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I’m the ceo of a brand new corp in a fairly new alliance. We might be something you’re interested in. It’s a PVP focused corp based in Syndicate space so literally a couple jumps from lowsec. Very casual corp with absolutely no PAPs/FATs. you play when you can play whenever you want. We have daily standing fleets be it roaming, gate camps, etc within the alliance and coalition we’re apart of.

Since we’re new right now we’re just looking to build ranks and welcome those who also have interest in leadership roles.

feel free to reach out in game in our public channel -SCUD or our discord SCUD Disposable Assassins

Hey we are in pure blind, fade, dek good proximity to jita and generally older group with kids but very active pvp side would be great for a pingish warrior hi us up sometime

TSSOC is a long time corp, living in an active are of null, yet 12 jumps from Jita !

Lots of great members and plenty of opportunity to do what ever you want in Eve!

come check us out

Faction warfare is as casual as it gets.

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Still feeling around and seeing every option i have before i make a decision.

Blops you say? We might be a good fit, I sent you an ingame mail :slight_smile:

still gathering options!

it is the next calendar day.

another calendar day

bumping again

Click here for fun

Blopsing nightly in the south. Pretty good frags. Chill enviroment.

Look at my KB for reference.


Message me in game or discord “DonavonIrish#1919”

Give the Blood Eagle Syndicate a look, part of FW for Amarr.
We’re based in Kamela (lowsec) and is only 7j away from Amarr trade hub, but Kamela itself is decently stocked.

bumping again

Hi Autumn,

I think you might enjoy The Boyz. (alliance)

We’re all adults with families and jobs so we understand having an inconsistent schedule.

In the past, your activity heat-map suggests you played most between 23:00-05:00 ET (late US) which is the timezone we’re most active in.

We’re based out of Pochven, our static C729 is never more than 5 jumps from Jita. Between proximity and glorification filaments you’ll have convenient access to low security space - often times immediate. Additionally, signal and noise filaments are a quick way to roam null sec. When you want to return just use a krai filament and you’ll never be more than 4 jumps away from our home system.

The Pochven systems remain in their original locations before the triglavian invasion. So, we can black-ops bridge to many regions and it’s difficult for our targets to see us staging the drop. To establish some credibility, Deep Axion (corporation) is 1992 kills to 7 losses with black-ops battleships.

According to CCPs MER Pochven is an extremely active region for both ISK created and destroyed. According to zkill there have been 50,000 kills in the first 20 days of July. That averages out to be about 4 kills per system every hour 24/7 so there’s plenty of PvP both solo and fleet.

Because there’s no sov CTA’s are extremely rare and no one is going to get mad if you can’t make it.

Our alliance has roughly 100 members. Between 23:00-05:00 there are typically between 10 and 25 people online and in fleet. There are very few people online outside of that time block.

Try before you join offer is open to you. I’ll provide the ship. Just let me know which evening you want to join us. Feel free to reply on here or contact me in game.

Fly safe o7

Blops focussed alliance. See our ticker! :slight_smile:


Hey Autumn,

You once shot me a mail about possible recruitment questions. Would love to chat with you and see if what we have to offer may be a good fit. Check us out here:

Shoot me a message ingame or discord.

still gathering every option i can.