2 PIRATES 1 CUP - NPC Based Blops Corp - Heavy PvP Focus - LF Active members to harass nearby nullblocs and make dank ticks

2 PIRATES 1 CUP is a USTZ corp, founded by myself, with the dream of getting people together who wanted more out of EVE aside from being your typical line member in your everyday null bloc. We came back to life after the tragic events of World War Bee 3 and wanted content that didn’t involve long tidi fights, and having every null alliance set to blue. We want to keep things simple and easy; join fleet, right click, bridge (or jump if your a cool kid), delete target, rinse and repeat. Particularly, we have a taste for clubbing pandas because they are slow and not so intelligent, but we also setup in different NPC regions looking to pounce on anyone who presents an opportunity for a juicy killmail with a side of salt :wink:

2P1C is looking for active pilots interested in primarily Black Ops warfare. While this is our main stint, we also do casual small gang roams, and the occasional f1 fleet so we can fit in with the rest of the null nerds. We are a proud member of the Brotherhood of Spacers [B0SS] alliance whom are firmed established in our super secure home of Venal (Yes, we do RP as guristas pirates and have a strong bond with them in the region)

You can peep our leet killboards here which often times resemble a badly lit Christmas tree:

Brotherhood of Spacers | Alliance | zKillboard - Alliance

2 PIRATES 1 CUP | Corporation | zKillboard - Corp

We’re looking for self sufficient pilots who want to engage in these type of activities, and make valuable friends along the way. Are you interested in killing supers? Do you like clubbing unsuspecting victims and collecting delicious tears? Have you ever wondered what its like to be the “BUMP” in the middle of the night? Fear no more, you have arrived.

2 Pirates 1 Cup, and Brotherhood of Spacers are apart of the GTC Coalition, and as such have access to both their pvp content and pve content as well. This allows us access to the best of both worlds and gives our pilots oppourtunities to make isk and enjoy diffrent types of fleet content. Whether you’re an industrialist looking to supply us with new ships to blow up or a pvper looking for a new change, 2P1C is the place for you!

We Offer:

  • Experienced leadership both in corp and alliance
  • Active fleets with daily drops
  • Alliance/Coalition resources to excel your industrial ventures
  • Alliance SRP Program for alliance/coalition fleets
  • Corp SRP Program for corp roams/corp pochven fleets
  • Reward incentives for top pvpers, and contributors
  • An active and growing alliance with content generating like-minded individuals.
  • Access to excellent isk generation methods including corp/alliance wide pochven fleets.

We Expect:

  • 10m SP (This could be negotiated based on vouch, amazing KB, feet pics, etc)
  • Discord + Mumble w/ mic
  • Some level of consistent activity.
  • ESI Token with all permissions granted

If you’re interested, please reach out to the following individuals in-game:
(prime active times for 2P1C 21:00 - 06:00 Eve Time)

Glazios (USTZ)

xBxCostx (USTZ)

Also, feel free to stop by our public channel ingame: 2cup1pub

OR our discord: Discord

See you later, space pirates.

Still looking for pilots seeking a great community and lots of pewpew

You could be here with us, scoring dank thunderchild kills. Enjoy seal clubbing bad pandas? Like high profile kills? Join us today!

I really like killing thunderchildren. Pretty dank kills:

Still looking for capable pilots to fill our ranks :smiley:

Back to back PNI kills in one day!

Join us today!

Still looking for pilots to join our cause! Come blops with us today!

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