USTZ Lowsec Corp - 2 Pirates 1 Cup - Recruitment Open

2 PIRATES 1 CUP is the dream of a few small gang PvP pilots who wanted more out of EVE aside from being numbers in a nullbloc. We recently came back to life after the tragic events of World War Bee 3 and wanted content that didn’t involve blueing the entire game, countless CTA ops, and 100s of doctrine ships. We want to keep things simple and easy; Ransom, Steal, or kill everyone who isn’t green or purple. Particularly, we have a taste for the lowsec piracy but enjoy all things that involve blowing someone up.

2P1C is looking for active pilots interested in small gang PvP, and living in lowsec. We are based in Gallente Lowsec with plenty of content from active pvpers in the area to faction warfare right around the corner. No politics, no donuts, and lots of pew! We feature a raunchy environment of pilots that include many different skill levels, and senses of humor.

We’re looking for self sufficient pilots who want a different take on EVE instead of being another +1 to a blob and listening to some nullbloc neckbeard FC shout at you. We expect you to have a mindset willing to learn, have enough depth to take on constructive criticism, and more importantly - HAVE FUN!.

Whether you’re an industrialist looking to supply us with new ships to blow up or a pvper looking for a new change, 2P1C is the place for you!

We Offer:

  • Experienced leadership

  • Active fleets with daily roams

  • Resources to excel your industrial ventures

  • SRP Program for corp roams/fleets

  • Reward incentives for top pvpers, and contributors

  • An active and growing alliance with content generating like-minded individuals.

We Expect:

  • 20m SP (This could be negotiated based on vouch, amazing KB, feet pics, etc)

  • Discord + TS3 w/ mic

  • Some level of consistent activity.

  • ESI Token generated for recruiter during interview.

If you’re interested, please reach out to the following individuals in-game:
(prime active times for 2P1C 22:00 - 08:00 Eve Time)

Glazios (USTZ)

xBxCostx (USTZ)

Rusty Rawson (AUTZ)

Also, feel free to stop by our public channel ingame: 2cup1pub

OR our discord: Discord

See you later, space pirates.

Dunkin nerds in lowsec - Related Kills | Ostingele | 2022-01-11 05:00 | zKillboard

Don’t miss out on content like this! True small gang lowsec pvp. GF’s all around

Still looking for filthy pirates to add to our crew. Come join us in lowsec!

How many sucky for me join on your guild???


None required, lover boy. You’re always welcome :slight_smile:

Still looking for more pilots to join us on our crusade! Do you like dank kills? Check out some of our recent catches:

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Stop station spinning and come blap nerds in lowsec!

Still looking for more talented pilots to join us in lowsec! Inquire today.

Aspiring pilots look no further, come join us and the crew in lowsec!

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