Men(or Women) Watned

for hazardous work, small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful, honor and recognition in case of success.

Who we are:

We are a USTZ based band of small gang pirates and part of a small alliance made up of solo and other small gang pirates. We are here to PVP, pure and simple. We have plenty of reds to shoot at so come join the fun.

What we Offer:

Decent FCs

  • We won’t whelp unless we really, really, really want to. Learn and grow from some of the okayist small gang content creators.


  • This is a game. We do fun things. Be active on comms and make friends to play other fun games with too.

What we don’t offer:


  • Seriously we don’t do it. Sure it might bring wealth to an organization but most times it just kills it.

Kind Words

  • If you make a mistake, we will probably make fun of you for it. We want you to be better a pilot after those mistakes. So we push you to better yourself.

If this sounds good to you message Alexsander Glazkov or join the Mad Rat Lounge in-game channel and ask what you can do to join.

Hey man, I’d like to make an offer with you guys. So my alliance is actively recruiting more guys and corps for null sec PvP. We are a small group but same as you, extremely experienced, lots of ex NC. guys who have over 10+ years experience and lots of great FCs as well. We are mainly USTZ but work with some AUTZ as well. We are PvP focused obviously and would love to work with you guys if possible. As well, you can keep going on about your pirating, we won’t stop you from doing what you want. Respond on here or add me on discord Jeevz#0335. Cheers

We are still recruiting. New and old, all are welcome.

Recruitment is still open. Please contact me for more information

Turns out we have new red’s. Come join the fun and hunt some assholes.

We are still looking to expand our numbers. Come out to lowsec and make isk off other people’s hard work!

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