WH Small gang PVP/PVE corp Recruiting!

Tired of playing alone or mabe tired of the big corps/alliances where all is the same?
Fly this, Fly that, primary here, primary there, but your involvement and importance ends there?
Do you want your voice to be heard and be part of the “CORE” where your can be a part of the corps future?

Piracy Preferred is now recruiting!
We operate in WH, NUL, Lowsec with home base in WH space with our main focus beeing teamwork.
As a recently reopened corp we are a small group of mature players (average age is 30) That wants to enjoy eve in a relaxed way, focused on PVP but room for PVE isk making, manufacturing etc.

No metter if you’re Veteran, returning player or NewBro, as faar as u have good humour and wanna enjoy EVE in a cool and relaxed way, we are what you’re looking for.

Mail or contact me ingame for more info.

Ttys ;o)

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Hej, I know those guys,they are awesome people! didnt know they reopened, cool to cyah back boys. Say hello to the gang. Fly safe.

Mailed you ingame, possible to join alt first see how it all is?

Sure np, go ahead, I’m an alt myself, had been in large corp/allince so long with main that i forgot how much more EVE had to offer when you are in a tighter group where you actually are a part of somthing, not just a number and a gun, and even though the corp recently reopened and numbers are few, the feeling is much different and to me much better ;o)
To your ingame TZ question, we have players in EU, US E and US W. Still EVE afternoons are busier but all members are teamplayers so always a pal to play with no metter what ;o)

Bumpzzzzz ;O)

Hello @Zorros_Balls,

It is good to see your fresh approach to EVE content. As a Corp/Alliance, we are always adjusting to the mechanics of the game but more importantly to our individual members.

It appears you ran into a little trouble on the 1st, hope it wasn’t a big setback for DEA.D ? One of my greatest thrills, is to see active WH Corp’s thrive in J Space. I have fond memories of our C2 days. Let us know if we can be of any assistance (or looking for a GF), and if you want, join our discord, ask for a diplo. If not, then at least my comments gives your group an official bump on the forums.

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC -Jump to be Known

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